Everything to Know About Buying a Mens Wedding Ring

A pair of gold wedding bands on vintage books.

Buying a wedding ring is a fun experience that gets you and your future spouse even more excited to tie the knot. While you may have the exact ring in mind that you want to wear day in and day out, there are a few things to take into consideration when buying a mens wedding ring. Read on to learn everything you need to know before the shopping begins.

The Fit

There are several things to know surrounding the fit of a mens wedding ring. Firstly, wider bands tend to fit tighter, so most men size up a half size for a wide band. Another important note about finding the right fit is that finger size changes throughout the day. It’s not uncommon for someone’s fingers to be more swollen and larger in the morning than they are mid-day. For that reason, try on a ring during different times of the day to find one that is the best consistent fit. Also remember that sizing can vary slightly dependent on the metal. If you wear a certain size in a classic gold ring, your size may be different in a modern metal. Finally, always get your finger sized with the jeweler you intend on buying from as this is another thing that can vary slightly from one vendor to the next.


A bride putting a silver wedding band on her groom's finger.

Men’s wedding rings are offered at different widths, so that is definitely something to know before buying one. Slim rings are typically around four millimeters wide, medium are six millimeters, and wide are eight millimeters. The wider the ring is, the more it typically costs. Men with longer or wider fingers usually look better in wider rings, but men should try on rings of different widths before making their decision.


It’s important to consider what types of activity your future spouse does daily and if that will affect the ring and its durability at all. If he does a lot of physical activity, such as lifting weights or working in construction, a more durable ring may be needed. Platinum is a durable metal good for this purpose.


A pair of gold textured wedding bands on a leafy branch.

Another thing to know about mens wedding rings is that they come in different colors. Dependent on preferences, there are “warm” and “cool” colored bands. White gold, yellow gold, silver, rose gold, or even black bands are on the market these days, so it’s important to think through the color desired prior to starting the shopping experience.


There are many different metals that a mens wedding band can be constructed from. Each of them have different strengths and potential weaknesses to be aware of. For instance, platinum is very durable as well as hypoallergenic, making it great for those with sensitive skin. White gold is the same look as platinum at a lower price. (Keep in mind that white gold rings may need to be repainted or redipped every few years, though.) Yellow gold gives off a warm tone and is a classic choice for a man’s wedding band. Finally, rose gold allows is a distinctive look for a groom with unique style.

There are also some modern metals to consider for a mens wedding ring. For instance, titanium is a modern metal that’s sleek and that’s also durable and resilient against the elements. Tungsten is another modern metal that will not incur many scratches, making it great for someone who works with their hands a lot.

There is so much to know about mens wedding rings and there is no shortage of styles, metals, and vendors to choose from when picking out the perfect ring. This guide helps you to choose the best ring to fit your style and life.

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