How to Coordinate the Bride and Groom’s Style

A groom wearing a maroon suit and holding a bouquet of deep red flowers.

Wedding apparel is a fun part of planning the big day, and it goes without saying that all eyes will be on the bride and her gown as she walks down the aisle on the big day. However, what the groom wears is also something to think about, and one item that may not be on your mind is whether or not the groom’s outfit should be coordinated to the bride’s. There are different ways to do this seamlessly, whether you want it to be a more obvious, or more subtle.

Matching Formality

A formal bride and groom in front of a vintage car.

Brides and grooms should definitely coordinate in their level of formality. If a bride is wearing a formal gown, the groom should be dressed up in a tuxedo to match that tone. If the bride’s dress is more casual, then the groom should dress more casually for the occasion, either in a suit or even in khakis and a blazer, as long as the venue calls for it. Even if you coordinate nothing else together for your wedding looks, this should be something that is discussed and coordinated.

Matching Her Flowers

You may be thinking that it’s hard to match the bride and groom when she’s wearing likely white and the groom likely won’t be wearing white. Well, one way for the two to coordinate is for a groom to match the bride’s chosen bouquet. Flowers can really set the tone of a look, and a groom picking up the tones of the bride’s bouquet in some of his accessories or apparel can be a great statement. For example, if the bride’s flowers are a deep maroon, then the groom can wear a tie with maroon stripes, or he can go with a larger statement by wearing a maroon suit! This is based on personal preference and how bold or subtle you want the coordination to be. The groom’s boutonniere should also nicely complement the bride’s bouquet.

Coordinating Metals

It’s a small detail, but another way to facilitate coordination between the looks of the bride and groom is to have them in matching metals. This could be through their rings, watch, cufflinks, tie clips, and any jewelry that the bride wears.

Subtle Accessories for the Groom

A bride and groom with sparklers.

Grooms can coordinate with their bride through subtle accessories. Pocket squares, socks, cufflinks, ties, or bowties are all great ways for a groom to subtly coordinate with pieces of his bride’s look on their wedding day.

Subtle Accessories for the Bride

The bride can subtly match her groom through her accessories. This could include a sash in the color of the groom’s tie, a ribbon on her bouquet, or even colored bottoms on her shoes that coordinate with a color the groom is wearing.

Newlywed Neutrals

A bride wearing a short dress and a groom wearing a tan suit.

A bride almost always opts to wear white or ivory on her wedding day, and something that pairs beautifully with that is neutral colors and earth tones. One way for a groom to coordinate with his bride is to wear a tan suit with a tie and accessories in earth tones: sage green, mauve, graphite, burnt orange, and even glacier blue. This creates somewhat of a monotone look for the bride and groom together, which will be a fabulous pairing.

Stark Opposites

This seems counterintuitive, but a bride and groom wearing items that are opposite in style is a great way to look marvelous together on the big day. For instance, a bride in a crisp, white dress paired with a groom in a sleek black tuxedo looks like the perfect pair. This pairing will look amazing together in photographs and in-person, standing next to each other at the altar.

There are so many ways to coordinate looks without going over the top when it comes to the bride and groom at any wedding. This should be a fun part of wedding planning that both the bride and groom can enjoy.

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