How to Get the Most Out of a Wedding Fair

A table of desserts at a wedding expo.

Wedding fairs should be on every future bride and groom’s to-do list. They can be a huge asset for planning your big day. Not only are they excellent for getting inspired, but they can be huge time-savers as well. At a wedding fair, you’ll have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with multiple vendors and get a clearer picture of how to go about your wedding day.

Wedding expos come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small; others are gigantic. Some cater to luxury customers; others are more down-to-earth. Everyone can benefit from visiting each and every type of wedding-related event. Regardless of whether you attend one or many, it can be helpful to know how to make the most of your time when going to one.

Choose the Right Event

Although certain fairs cater to specific customers, don’t immediately cross them off your list. However, if you’re short on time, you might want to be picky. In addition, don’t be put off if an expo charges for tickets—you’ll likely get plenty of goodies in return.

Grab a Friend, or Go Alone

You might find it more fun if you have someone to go with, but you’ll be able to get down to business easier if you go alone. Should you bring a companion, be careful about who you choose. Your best friend might seem like the ideal partner in crime, but they might not be the most useful in the situation.

If you’re attending multiple events, you can alternate who comes along. You can even turn it into a mini-party for your bridesmaids! However, it’s not recommended to bring children. And don’t forget your future husband or wife as a potential partner. They should definitely be invited to at least one event, especially if you’re planning the event together.

Arrive Early

Fairs are often quiet within the first hour or two, so if you’re serious about having face-to-face conversations with vendors, it’s best to get there early.

Dress Comfortably

You’ll likely be on your feet all day, so make sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. In addition, you might have a chance to try on various dresses, suits, or accessories, so make sure you can slip whatever you’re wearing on and off with ease.

Know Thyself

When you talk to vendors, many of them will ask the same questions. Usually, they’re about the size of your guest list, venue type, theme, and, of course, when you’re planning to get married. If you have an inspiration board, take it with you. Of course, if you don’t know the answers to any of these questions, then you don’t know. However, it will help a lot if you have some idea about what your wedding day will look like.

Do Your Research

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It can be useful to glance at the list of vendors that’ll be present and see if any pique your interest. If so, do a bit of research on them and come prepared with specific questions to ask.

Get Ready to Exchange Information

A man and woman shaking hands.

Vendors will likely hand out their contact info via brochures and business cards, but they’ll expect the same from you, too. You don’t need to give everyone your number, but you’ll find that you’ll give it out more often than you may think. You might even meet other brides-to-be you’ll want to stay in touch with.

To make things easier, consider having business cards made so you don’t have to waste time writing everything over and over again. As an alternative, you can also print out sticky mailing labels with your name and email at the very least. If you’re worried about spam, create a separate wedding-stuff-only account. It’s a good idea anyway because it’ll help you keep everything in one place.

It might also be useful to have a notebook and pen with you, or at least have your phone fully charged. Some vendors are starting to be more eco-friendly and forgoing all printed material. A notebook allows you to jot down ideas, as well. And make sure to bring a portable charger, especially if you’re planning on taking photos.

Take Your Time

Some larger fairs sell tickets with a limited entry time. If possible, avoid these and book the full day. You won’t believe how fast time flies when you’re bouncing from one booth to the other. Not to mention, some vendors might be busy, so you might need to make multiple rounds to squeeze in a chat.

Go All-In on the Giveaways

Sign up for all the drawings and giveaways you can find, or at least the ones you’re interested in. Keep in mind any ones that ask you to “be present to win.” Considering that you’re one of limited attendees at the event, your chances of going home with something are quite high. Not to mention, it’ll make the day even more exciting.

Keep an Open Mind

Last but not least, keep an open mind and prepare to have a good time. Given that wedding fairs are meant to be a source of inspiration, it helps to be open to new ideas when going to one. Even if you’re dead set on a specific idea, don’t cut off the possibility that you’ll change your mind later. Other than that, just enjoy the show!

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