How to Maintain a Pre-Wedding Beauty Routine During Quarantine

A sheet mask for the face next to a face roller and jars of oil.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by being quarantined at home when you’re trying to prepare to walk down the aisle. But the reality is, there are an abundance of ways you can continue to get ready for this major life event from the comfort (and safety) of your own home. Here are seven ways to keep up an at-home beauty routine for your upcoming wedding while practicing social distancing.

Moisturize Your Skin Daily

A young woman applying moisturizer to her face.

Something you should do daily, and even twice a day if you can, is to moisturize both your facial skin and your body’s skin well. This is best done in the morning and before bed. Use moisturizers devoid of heavy fragrances and that are gentle enough to not cause irritation to your skin. Regular moisturizing will keep your complexion smooth and soft and is a good habit to get into while you’re stuck at home.

Exfoliate Your Face and Body a Couple Times Weekly

Regular exfoliation helps to keep your beauty routine on the move, even when you’re bound to home! We lose approximately 50 million skin cells a day, and all those dead skin cells tend to hang on, taking away from a glowing face. Exfoliation removes everything that doesn’t need to be there, keeping your complexion fresh. Choose a product with a neutral pH level to keep from over-drying skin (which is also why you shouldn’t exfoliate every single day). Exfoliate the rest of your body as well while you’re in the shower to keep all skin soft, smooth, and healthy.

Use a Facial Roller or Massager

A jade facial roller against a marble background.

Using a facial roller to massage your face at least a few times a week can do a great deal in keeping your skin bouncy, youthful, and clear of breakouts. Regular rolling and massage is known to help your skin look more even, reduce redness, and act as an anti-ager. These beauty tools are simple, inexpensive, and can be easily ordered online.

Cut Down on Hair Washes

It may be a largely unknown fact that washing your hair daily or even every other day is not necessarily good for its health. Allowing the natural oils of your scalp to be present in your hair gives it the nutrients it needs to be healthy. During this time of isolation, cut down on how many times you wash your locks on a weekly basis. Aim to wash and condition no more than three times a week. By the end of the quarantine, your hair will be luscious, voluminous, and shiny.

Use Face Masks Regularly

A young woman at home wearing a sheet mask on her face.

Being quarantined presents the perfect time to slap a face mask on for long periods of time, really letting your pores soak up their goodness and feel the full effects. Even if you don’t have many store-bought face masks on hand to use, you can easily make your own with ingredients you likely already have. There are face masks out there for virtually every skin need: to hydrate skin, cleanse pores, and reduce the appearance of scars, lines, and wrinkles. Whatever your skin needs, it’s likely you can find it in the form of a mask.

Narrow Down What Products Work

This time of isolation and social distancing presents the perfect time to really dive into what beauty products work for you and what don’t. You can test what products give your skin an adverse reaction and, therefore which should be weeded out of your regular beauty routine and makeup bag. After all, not many people will see you anyway if something goes awry! Nailing down the products that work best with your body and skin is important to do as you get closer to your wedding, so you don’t unintentionally cause your skin or body any harm.

Eat Well

A woman holding a bowl with a heatlhy salad in it.

A simple way to keep up with your appearance while quarantined and to contribute positively to a beauty routine is to give your body what it needs. That means keeping well hydrated, which does wonders for skin. It also means eating well. Eat foods rich in omega-3 to help your skin retain moisture. While fish has omega-3s, so do flax seeds and walnuts. Leafy greens and vegetables also aid in a clear complexion and glowing skin.

During the COVID-19 pandemic when many are self-quarantining, there are many ways to keep up with and perfect your beauty routine and habits—all while being kind to your skin. Allow the quarantine to be a time centered around taking care of yourself in preparation from your wedding, and you’ll love the results you see.

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