How to Make Your Wedding Makeup Sweat-Proof

A bride with wavy hair and a pink bouquet.

Summer is just around the corner, and that means it’s almost time for summer wedding season. The long summer days are perfect for big celebrations like weddings: you can stay out longer (and have more time for well-lit photos), your guests can wear cute sundresses, and the warm weather keeps everyone comfortable.

Of course, it doesn’t take much for a “warm” day to morph into a humid and sticky one—and when that happens, most wedding parties encounter one big problem: sweat.

No one wants to sweat off their makeup on their wedding day (after all, you paid so much to have it done). So, how can you keep that pretty face from melting off? Here are some tips.

Use Waterproof Products

A bride getting eye makeup applied.

Firstly, you need to approach your wedding makeup with clear expectations. If the weather is going to be hot and humid, you’re probably going to sweat. If you’re planning to tear up the dance floor at your reception, you’re definitely going to sweat. Even if your wedding is in an air conditioned venue, there’s still a chance that your makeup will be spoiled by sweat (or happy tears).

With that in mind, the best thing you can do is take precautions. Talk to your makeup artist about using as many waterproof products as possible! A quick coat of waterproof mascara will keep your look from smudging and smearing—no matter the weather.

Set It and Forget It

Primer is a very useful product that will help your makeup become sweat-proof, but it’s not the only tool your makeup artist has in her kit. Setting spray is also very useful. This product uses polymers to create a barrier between sweat and your makeup (kind of like hairspray for your face).

Once your makeup artist is done with her masterpiece, she’ll probably use some setting spray to add another layer of protection to your beautiful mug. But if she doesn’t, make sure you ask for it! Setting spray can be a great first line of defense against sweat, tears, or anything else that threatens to spoil your makeup.

Don’t Forget the Primer

A bride getting makeup applied.

If you’re not a makeup addict, you may not be familiar with primer. This is a clear or white product (usually made from silicone-based polymers) that helps fill in fine lines and large pores, turning your face into a perfectly smooth canvas. Primer helps makeup go onto your face more smoothly—and more importantly, it helps that makeup stay in place longer.

While you may not use primer in your day-to-day life, it is a must-have product on your wedding day. Use primer on your face before applying your foundation. Prime your eyelids before adding shadow. Prime your lips before using lipstick! This simple step will ensure that your makeup stays on your face where it belongs.

Touch Up Throughout the Day

Once your makeup is finished, it’s easy to feel like your look is set for the day. But remember those expectations we talked about earlier! Even with all the primer and setting spray in the world, it’s very possible that sweat will still find its way to your face.

Now, there are two ways you can cope with this reality: you can accept it and say “who cares,” or you can stay one step ahead of the sweat. If you’d like your makeup to stay picture-perfect all evening long (and with photographers running around the venue, who wouldn’t?), it’s important to stay vigilant and touch up your makeup.

Make sure you carry a few makeup essentials (like blotting papers and lipstick) in a purse or clutch you keep nearby. This way, you can grab it and do a quick touch-up any time you visit the restroom. By keeping an eye out for smudges or runs, you can ensure that your makeup looks lovely from your walk down the aisle to your final goodbye of the evening.

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