How to Practice Mindfulness When Wedding Planning

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With so much uncertainty in the world right now, it’s more important than ever to keep track of your mental health and well-being. Factor in the stress of wedding planning, and finding a sense of peace and calm is basically just as essential as finding your wedding venue. Now is the perfect time to practice mindfulness when it comes to planning your big day. Mindfulness is about the ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, in the moment. Quite simply, it’s being able to be focused on one task at a time. Mindfulness might sound absurd when wedding planning basically requires you to be juggling a few balls in the air. But in order to retain some clarity (and sanity) it might be the best thing to do in order to make your wedding dreams come true. Here’s how to practice mindfulness when wedding planning.

1. Delegate tasks

You might want to be superwoman, but if you can delegate tasks around your wedding, then do so. If you can’t afford to (or want to) hire a wedding planner, make sure that you’re allowing your inner circle, including your wedding party, to help. Chances are they are waiting for you to ask—so do it! If you know your sister has a flair for choosing the perfect outfit, put her in charge of dress detail. If your best friend enjoys baking, choose her to help track down the best wedding cake vendors in town. By delegating necessary tasks, you get to slow down and enjoy the process even more.

2. Take time to really listen

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Being present with listening is a key part of mindfulness. So many times we “hear” what someone says, but we’re not really listening. If one of your friends and family has information to share, or an opinion, or even a concern, take the time to honor what they have to say. Don’t get defensive or brush them aside. Be there with them in the moment and take the time to listen. They might even share something that could make a world of difference.

3. Practice gratitude

Finding grace in moments of stress, like your gown being late or the caterer canceling, is hard. Even on the best of days, practicing gratitude can be a struggle in our busy lives. But taking the time to be thankful for who you have in your life and what you’re doing will help you drop down into your heart and plant your feet on the ground. After all, how lucky are you to plan a wedding to the love of your life? This is a time that you’ll never forget or can get back, so cherish each moment as best you can. At the end of each day, make it a routine to write down five things you’re grateful for about your life, including your wedding planning. Soon, the bad days won’t feel so bad.

4. Remember to breathe

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This is an important reminder. So often, we forget to breathe when we feel overwhelmed and anxious. Remembering to breathe is a fantastic anchor that help you ground down in the present moment to both calm and clear your mind. Do you really need to buy those expensive shoes or are you just worried you won’t find another pair? Are you really upset with your MOH or are you just hangry? Taking the time to breathe will help prevent you from overreacting.

5. Expect the best

So often, our monkey minds take control of us and we begin to create negative stories in our head. We begin to take things personally and feel angry about situations that are really not about us at all. For example, your college roommate cancels on you and you get super upset because you think you should change the seating chart. Instead, choose not to take it personally, know that your roommate would come if they could, and simply carry on. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Practicing mindfulness when wedding planning needn’t be difficult. By slowing down and returning to the present moment with a grateful heart, you will make your planning run smoother than expected.

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