How to Stop Focusing on Your Weight Before the Wedding

A young woman looking at herself in the mirror.

While preparing for your wedding, you’ll find yourself scrutinizing every single thing that will go into that day. One thing you may be particularly critical of is yourself. It’s normal for the way you look and your physical appearance to be top of mind as you get ready for your wedding, and many brides (and grooms) focus heavily on their weight as they inch closer to their wedding date. While there is certainly a balance between being healthy and going overboard with weight loss, you want to ensure that your focus on your weight does not become an obsession as you get ready to say “I do.” If you’re finding yourself overly focused on this detail, there are different tactics that will help to get your mind off of this topic and onto something healthier.

Pick Your Dress Strategically

A woman trying on a wedding dress with a friend.

When choosing your wedding gown, it can be easy to select something that you know you’ll love—as long as you lose a few pounds prior to the big day. That is not the best way to go about making this decision, as you should find a dress that you love on your body exactly as it is. If you’re excited to wear your wedding

Stop Weighing Yourself Daily

Weighing yourself every day as you approach your wedding can be tempting, but that doesn’t mean it’s a healthy habit to undertake. If it becomes an obsession for you or something that dictates your mood for the rest of the day, put your scale away and resign yourself to only weighing yourself once a week, if at all. Without constantly examining these numbers, you’ll naturally begin to have less of a focus on your weight.

Do Things That Make You Feel Your Best

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Leading up to your wedding, find things that you can do to make yourself feel your best that are not centered around your weight. For instance, get your nails done, get a treatment done to your hair, get a facial, buy an outfit you feel great in, or invest in eyelash extensions. Doing these things to your physical appearance can make you feel more secure and beautiful without focusing on your weight one bit.

There are other ways to do things that make you feel your best that have nothing to do with your physical appearance, yet they can still help to take the focus away from your weight. For instance, reading for pleasure, spending time with loved ones, or practicing meditation can help you to get rid of thoughts that are ailing you. Exercising regularly because you love the way it makes you feel can also be helpful in this process.

See a Nutritionist or Personal Trainer

Investing in your health with the services of a personal trainer or nutritionist can, in a non-intuitive way, help you to focus less on your weight. For some brides and grooms, the knowledge that you’re doing everything in your power to maintain a healthy body weight can prompt you to let go of obsessive thoughts over this topic and allow you to embrace your health journey rather than constantly worry about it. This allows you to focus on wellness and a healthy lifestyle rather than just your size and measurements.

Practice Self-Love

A woman writing in a journal on a bed.

Regularly acknowledging the things you love about yourself and your body can help you to focus less on your weight in advance of your wedding. Even write down these items each day, noting something about yourself that you’re grateful for or what you feel good about at the current moment. When you find yourself obsessing over your weight, go back to this journal to be reminded about everything you have to feel good about and detract from the thoughts surrounding your body image in relation to your weight.

Although it’s normal to want to look your best for your wedding day, it’s important to remember that you should be comfortable in your own skin no matter what size you wear! Use these methods to focus on something other than the scale as you get ready to exchange vows.

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