The Ultimate Pre-Wedding Wellness Guide

A woman drinking a glass of water in front of bowls of fruit in her kitchen.

It’s official: you’re finally engaged! This is an incredible, exciting moment in your life—but when you caught your first glimpse of the engagement announcement, you might have felt just a twinge of panic.

I look TERRIBLE, you might have thought. How am I supposed to look my best on my wedding day?!?

You might have rushed online, looking for tidbits to help you get in shape for your special day. That’s a smart move; there are guides to help you get “wedding-ready” all over the internet. But here’s the thing: every person’s body is different, and there’s no one health and fitness plan that’s going to work perfectly for everyone.

Does this mean it’s impossible to get healthier for your wedding? Of course not! Today, let’s talk about a few simple things that will help any bride or groom look and feel their best on the big day.

Start Changing Your Habits Early

A woman stretching on her bed in the morning.

When you first start planning your wedding, it may feel like there’s too much to do in far too little time. How are you supposed to plan the biggest event of your life, keep up with your day-to-day responsibilities, and get healthy and in shape? There’s one simple trick that will help you make all of this manageable: start early and take it slow.

The average engagement lasts 13 months—about 395 days. And guess what? It only takes about 66 days to change or create a habit! This means you have plenty of time to work towards healthier habits. Start with one thing (drinking more water, taking the stairs at work, not scrolling through Instagram until 1 am) and work at it until it’s second nature. Then, pick a new habit and start again! If you start this process early on in your engagement, you’ll be amazed at the progress you’ve made by the wedding day.

Eat, Drink, and Sleep Well

A plate of salad at a restuarant.

You’ve probably heard this advice a million times. Eat a balanced, healthy diet. Drink plenty of water. Get eight hours of sleep each night. You’ve heard it so many times that it probably goes in one ear and right out the other. But listen up! There’s a reason that so many people (your doctor, your friends, your mom) want you to follow this advice: it works.

Obviously, a balanced diet and enough sleep won’t solve all your problems, but it can help you feel your best on a regular basis. And when you’re planning a wedding, you need to feel your best—how else will you be able to shop for a wedding dress, DIY 200 favors, and keep up with your day job?

A little indulgence here and there is fine (bring on the cake tastings!), but a healthy, hydrated, and well-rested couple will have a much easier time planning their dream wedding.

Exercise for Your Gown

A woman exercising in her livingroom.

Many brides (and grooms) feel the need to get in shape before their big day. I understand the appeal: these pictures will be with your forever; you’ll probably show them to your grandkids one day! It’s natural to want to look like a supermodel. However, the reality is that many of us don’t have the time or the resources required to get our dream bodies by the big day.

Does this mean you should totally give up on hitting the gym? No way! Instead, focus on the little changes you can make in the time before the wedding. One way to do this is by designing your workout around your wedding day look.

Are you wearing a backless dress? Focus on exercises that will tone your back and shoulders. Is your gown hugging your curves? Play up your assets with lots of squats to define that figure. Not only will your dress look better than ever, but you’ll also be well on your way to a great fitness routine!

Focus on Stress Management

A young couple wearing jean jackets and taking a walk outside.

It’s no secret that planning a wedding can be stressful. There’s a lot to do, a lot of opinions to deal with, and a lot of pressure riding on the final product. All the stress can suck the fun right out of wedding planning—which is why stress management should be a top priority for every engaged couple.

Whatever you do, make sure you don’t let wedding planning take over your life. Plan a weekly date night where all wedding talk is off-limits. Use meditation or deep breathing techniques to fend off creeping anxieties as you plan. Invest in massages once a month if that’s your thing! If you can manage to let go of all your worries, you might find that wedding planning is actually tons of fun.

As you plan your wedding, remember: this party is just one day out of a lifetime with your love. Should it be a fun, beautiful day? Absolutely! But it should not be a day that causes you to sacrifice your physical or mental wellness. Make sure you put your health—and the health of your relationship—first; your wedding will be better for it.

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