Truly Unique Wedding Rings

  • Dinosaur Bone Ring

    Dinosaur Bone Ring

    If you and your partner are very into prehistoric times—or just want an incredibly unique ring gracing your fingers - this piece made with actual dinosaur bone inlaid into tungsten might be the perfect choice for you!

    Ring by Larson Jewelers

  • Crown Wedding Rings

    Crown Wedding Rings

    Do you love all things that glitter? This unique crown wedding band set is sure to stand out among the plain bands you traditionally see.

    Rings by JewelryEscorial

  • Sound Wave Ring

    Sound Wave Rings

    These sound wave rings couldn’t be more unique if they tried! They use an image of the actual sound waves from you or your partner’s voice saying whatever phrase you choose (“I do” anyone?) and imprint it directly onto the rings. If you and your partner have a certain phrase you always say to each other, this is the perfect place to put it!

    Rings by Uncommon Engagement

  • Twig Wedding Bands - Gold & Silver

    Twig Wedding Bands - Gold & Silver

    If you’re a nature-loving couple, these gorgeous, delicate rings designed to look like twigs could be the perfect choice for you! Available in both gold and silver, these simple rings make a big statement. The unique design and simplicity of these rings make them a gorgeous option for a couple who loves the understated beauty of the great outdoors!

    Rings by Diyora

  • World Wedding Bands

    World Wedding Bands

    Do you and your sweetheart like to jetset around the world? Then these travelers wedding bands might be the perfect thing for you! When worn separately they appear to just have a unique etching on them, but in reality each one is representing a portion of the world map, and when they are laid together they combine to reveal a gorgeous image of the world.

    Rings by JewelryEscorial

  • Harry Potter Ring

    Harry Potter Ring

    Harry Potter lovers, unite! This incredible ring (which comes in rose gold and silver) is the most romantic option for all you book nerds out there! One side boasts the now-famous question “After all this time?” while the other sports the quintessential response “Always.” The inside also included the silhouette of a doe Patronus. This ring would make amazing matching wedding bands, or even a truly special engagement ring for your favorite Potterhead.

    Ring by HeartsOrSpades

  • Personalized Fingerprint Wedding Bands

    Personalized Fingerprint Wedding Bands

    For the ultimate in unique rings, what’s more personalized than a fingerprint? You can get your partner’s fingerprint carved into your ring forever. These rings are super neat because after you order your sizes, the company will send you a kit to collect your fingerprints to be engraved, so you know that this will be a truly personalized, special item for your big day.

    Rings by brent & jess

  • Puzzle Piece Wedding Band Set

    Puzzle Piece Wedding Band Set

    What better metaphor is there for marriage than finding your perfect puzzle piece? These awesome rings have a secret—they fit together to form a puzzle piece! When separated, they each just look like they have a unique etching on one side, but when placed together perfectly they form an adorable puzzle piece shape.

    Rings by CADIjewelry

  • Heart Wedding Band Set

    Heart Wedding Band Set

    Like the idea of the puzzle piece but want something a little different? This yellow gold set is the same concept, but features a heart-shaped cutout instead. This shop also has options to include your monogram on the rings if you’d like an added aspect of personalization!

    Rings by CADIjewelry

  • Coordinates Ring

    Coordinates Ring

    There is nowhere more romantic than the place you got married. What if your wedding bands could reflect that location forever? These sterling silver sets feature the exact coordinates for whatever location you desire—the place you proposed, your first home, or yes, even the place you said “I do!”

    Rings by CraftLinds

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