Vintage Touches for a Groom’s Wedding Day Outfit

A vintage-looking bride and groom.

A fun way for grooms to add to their wedding day look is with vintage touches. Bringing blasts from the past to their style can make their look more dynamic and allow them opportunity for personalization. It’s also a fun way to add sentimental touches if he’s wearing items that belong to a family member.

Vintage Cufflinks

A groom adjusting his cufflinks.

It’s easy to find vintage cufflinks at virtually every price point and in almost any design. There are so many fun shapes that these can be found in, or you can go with something classic. The hunt for these will be fun, and they’re something that the groom will have for the rest of his days and that he will wear time and time again.

Vintage Tie or Pocket Square

Most grooms opt to wear a tie or bow tie on his wedding day, so finding the perfect vintage option is a unique touch that will definitely set him apart and make a statement. If you’re looking for something more subtle, a vintage silk pocket square could be a great option. This could also be a great item to give as gifts to your groomsmen, adding some variety to the look of the men’s side of the wedding, and also giving a gift that has some history behind it.

Vintage Handkerchief

A groom wearing a tuxedo

Every groom needs a handkerchief for his wedding day to wipe his happy tears away! There are so many vintage handkerchiefs on the market, whether purchased or even borrowed. They are a great homage to the past, when these items were used regularly and seen as a symbol of being gentlemanly by lending them to a woman in need. A groom can also get his handkerchief embroidered with his initials and wedding date as an added personal touch.

Vintage Belt

A vintage belt is something that a groom can wear not only on his wedding day, but on many other days—reminding him of his walk down the aisle on what was surely one of the best days of his life. These can be found in many different styles, and if your groom is going for something unique, you can even find a belt with a special buckle to match his signature style.

Vintage Watch

A groom adjusting his watch.

A vintage watch that’s in good condition acts as a classic timepiece that a groom will wear for years to come. This could be the perfect gift for your groom on your wedding day or could be a great item for him to purchase himself as a special accessory. Whether it’s a high-end watch like a Rolex or something economically friendly but still stylish, this is the perfect vintage touch for a groom to add some old fashioned flair to his wedding look.

Where to Find Vintage Accessories

The first thing to tackle is where to find vintage accessories if they’re not borrowed from a loved one. If there is anything special of a father, grandfather, or uncle that the groom wants to wear on his wedding day, that’s a great avenue to pursue. However, if that’s not the case, there are different options for sourcing vintage accessories. The first is online, as there are quite a few places to find vintage items there. Etsy has a large selection of vintage accessories to peruse, and the search is half the fun! Other sites like Ebay have the same types of items to be found. If you want to look for vintage items in-person, you can instead opt to search estate sales or antique stores for vintage accessories.

Choosing accessories for the groom doesn’t have to be boring! These vintage touches are something special, sustainable, and most certainly items that will be treasured for a long time to come.

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