2019 Wedding Dress Trends You’ll Swoon Over

A young bride sitting on stone steps wearing a wedding dress that's trendy for 2019.

If 2019 is the year that you get to purchase the dress, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that this year’s bridal trends are turning out something for everyone—whether you’re envisioning a traditional and modest bridal look, a modern pantsuit, or a romantic, embellished look. Whether you look at a typical bridal shop or you’re conducting your search online, you’re sure to find something uniquely suited to your style.

Although there will always be the classic standbys of the ball gown, the sheath, the empire waist and the sweetheart neckline, 2019 wedding dresses have a lot more consideration for creative embellishment and even—can you believe it!—comfort.

Unsure of where to begin on your journey to finding the wedding dress of your dreams? Here are eight 2019 swoon-worthy wedding dress trends that you don’t want to miss when you’re headed to the bridal store.

Royally Inspired

A bride wearing a dress inspired by 2019 trends including a high neckline and cape.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may have gotten married nearly a year ago, but her influence on the wedding gown industry is going to be seen all throughout 2019. Expect to see plenty of royal-inspired gowns with body-hugging silhouettes (in the same clean-cut style as the Duchess of Sussex donned on her wedding day) as well as bejeweled dresses that are reminiscent of regal crown jewels. In addition to Meghan Markle-inspired dresses, you might even see brides ditching the traditional veil for a regal cape, which would look great for a chilly summer evening or a winter wedding.

Romantic, Off-the-Shoulder, and Bohemian

A young bride wearing an off-the-shoulder bohemian wedding dress in keeping with 2019 wedding dress trends.

The off-the-shoulder neckline has been everywhere the last couple of years, so it’s no surprise that this trend will continue in 2019 with bridal gowns. Expect to see more emphasis on the collarbone as well as other romantic details like wispy, off-the-shoulder long sleeves and soft fabrics like organza and lace. This is all in line with the boho look that’s been popular in fashion for the last several years, which features lacy, billowy silhouettes that are laid back, yet sexy.

Bows, Bows, Bows

A bride wearing a trendy 2019 dress with a bow in the back.

Whether you loved or hated them as a little girl, bows are back and bigger than ever on bridal gowns in 2019. While bows have always been around to accentuate a waistline on a gown, you’ll now see larger versions of them making a statement on other parts of the dress, including on straps and on the back of the dress. Once considered dainty, bows are a force to be reckoned with in 2019.

Bridal Pantsuits

Two brides sitting at a table together and wearing trendy 2019 wedding pantsuits.

Whether it was inspired by Pantsuit Nation on Facebook or simply wanting more comfort during the wedding reception, bridal pantsuits are popping up everywhere in 2019. The bridal pantsuit gives every inch of fabulous elegance that the traditional gown does, but it’s more relaxed and easier to wear. In addition to being what you wear down the aisle, they can be worn equally as well as a reception outfit or a going away outfit. We can see bridal pantsuits being popular for a variety of women, including those who are heading to the courthouse to get married or brides who aren’t as keen on wearing a traditional gown.

High Necklines and Long Sleeves

A bride wearing a trendy 2019 wedding dress with a high neckline and long sleeves as she walks across a lawn with her groom.

Meghan Markle may have sparked a minimalist trend for wedding dresses, but it was Kate Middleton who originally started the interest in higher necklines and long-sleeved wedding dresses. Since 2011, we’ve seen more traditionally conservative gowns flooding the market and 2019 is more of the same. Although conservative, these gowns can still be sexy with their lacy embellishments and tightly fitted bodices—but they’re still more than appropriate to wear during a traditional religious ceremony. Plus, all of those little lacy details look absolutely gorgeous in photographs.

Plunging Necklines

A bride wearing a trendy 2019 wedding dress with a plunging neckline as she's laughing with a bridesmaid.

While we’re seeing the growing popularity of conservative dresses with high necklines and long sleeves, we’re also seeing daring brides wear plunging necklines. The skin-baring design is often paired with intricate Chantilly lace or decorative patterns on the bust.

Minimalist Dresses

A bride wearing a trendy 2019 minimalist dress and sitting in a classic car.

In addition to sparking a larger-than-life royal trend in the wedding industry, Meghan also inspired designers to create minimalist, simple dresses. Like Meghan’s famous Givenchy dress, we’re seeing a lot of wedding gowns with more emphasis on the silhouette rather than bold sequins, jewels, or any other types of glitzy decoration.

Details in the Back

A woman trying on a trendy 2019 wedding dress with flowers and buttons on the back.

When you’re walking down the aisle, you don’t just want the front of your dress to capture everyone’s attention—you want every inch of you to be perfectly curated and styled. In 2019, you’ll be seeing more gowns with special detail on the back such as big bows, extra ruffles, an extremely low dip that exposes a lot of skin, or other details. This adds an unexpected hint of surprise to your dress overall, which will only add to the drama of your wedding day look.

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