8 Dress Details Perfect for a Winter Bride

A bride and groom hugging with snow and an old building in the background.

Having a winter wedding means snow falling, candlelight, and a sense of magic only that season can create. But it also means cooler temperatures and unpredictable weather. But just because you and your guests might need to throw on an extra layer doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice beautiful details for your wedding dress. There are a number of stylish ways that a bride can stay warm and look fabulous for her big day. From sleeves and capes to lace, here are eight dress details to keep any winter bride cozy and chic.

1. Stylish Sleeves

A bride wearing a sleeved dress and leaning against a wall.

Sleeves are a simple and stylish addition to your winter wedding gown. You might choose to keep them classically elegant with lace or embroidery, or you might choose something more modern and glam such as blouson or pleated sleeves. Options also vary from full-length sleeve to 3/4 sleeves. No matter which style you choose, you can’t go wrong with this stunning detail.

2. Lovely Lace

A winter bride wearing a lace dress with a Christmas tree in the background.

A lace dress might be too heavy or warm for a summer wedding, which is why it makes the perfect option for a winter bride. By choosing to have all-over lace or adding it to the bodice, lace is an elegant look that will keep you looking sophisticated from head to toe.

3. Cool Cape

A bride and groom sititng outside in the snow.

You’re a superwoman, so why not include a dazzling cape to your dress? The best part? You can choose to have your cape be removable and keep it as a simple layering piece, or if you’re really into wearing something fashion-forward, you could have it sewn into your dress and have it fly by your side for the entire evening.

4. Chic Collar

Whether you’re having an outdoor ceremony or taking photos outside (and chances are you will be), it’s a good idea to add a stylish collar to your ensemble. A chic collar, preferably one in a cozy material like faux fur or cable-knit, is a must-have accessory for every winter bride, and can easily be removed for your indoor reception.

5. Sophisticated Stole

If a collar might be too heavy for your dress, you might want to consider a sophisticated stole as your go-to winter accessory. A faux fur stole (or one that’s made of an equally soft and chic material) is an easy way to perk up any dress while keeping you nice and toasty.

6. Mod Mock Neckline

A winter bride wearing a mock neck dress.

A winter wedding dress demands more coverage, which is why you can definitely get away with wearing a mock neckline that is not only practical but daringly stylish. Whether you’re going for something more traditional or Victorian, or a look that’s more modern and dramatic, a mock neckline is an eye-catching silhouette that is perfect for the colder weather.

7. Feminine Feathers

It’s the holidays, so that means there’s always a dash of playfulness in the air. Take advantage of that infectious spirit by including a dash of feathers to your dress. Whether you’re going for feathery bodice or a fully feathered ballgown, you will definitely make a statement with this whimsical detail that is both fashionable and glamorous.

8. Sexy Sequins

A winter bride wearing a sequin dress and holding a large purple bouquet.

The holiday spirit is also known for its bling, so it’s not a surprise that adding a dash (or more!) of sexy sequins can easily lighten up any winter wedding dress. From intricate beading on the bodice or sleeves to a dazzling gown covered completely of sequins, a sparkly wedding dress creates a glam moment that no one will soon forget.

As you can see from the examples above, there are so many darling dress details for a winter bride that will keep you glowing—and warm—for your winter wedding.

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