Bees Anonymous: Help! Wedding Dress Doesn’t Fit After Alterations

A woman wearing a wedding dress with front and side views.

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I would be so appreciative of any advice!

My wedding is 10 weeks away. It took me eight dress shops to find “the dress.” In the shop, the consultant pinned and clipped the size 12 onto me and helped it into position. I loved the dress and assumed alterations would make it look the same as the pinned version.

I had the first alteration of my standard size 4 gown. Standing on that box, I burst into tears. The dress was not how I remembered it and I actually have lost 1kg—so it’s nothing to do with weight. The other strange part was when I was getting in and out of the dress, I felt the best I have in months (slim-wise) but in the dress, I feel two sizes bigger than I actually am. I LOVE my dress from the back, but seeing the front, I feel panicked and upset. I would need confidence to walk down the aisle in her.

The shop where I bought my dress was AMAZING! I phoned her in tears and within five minutes, she had my deposit back from the recommended alterations lady and booked me a new appointment, and drove me and my dress there.

The lower portion of a woman wedding dress.

Unfortunately, it’s again the same problem. When they pinned the dress, it looked too tight. But, they both assured me the dress is not too tight as I still need alterations to bring it in. I look like I have thigh implants.

I now don’t know if I should sell it and try again (10 weeks to go) or if I am looking at it in the wrong way. I have a few stunning friends who are TINY and even in some of their wedding photos, the dress makes them look bigger than they actually are. Is this just what wedding dresses do?

P.S. I have tried all the styles: sheath, trumpet, mermaid, a-line, princess, and poofy and this was my favorite..until mine was ordered and I had the alteration fitting. PLEASE HELP.

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