Common Mistakes Made When Shopping for a Wedding Dress

A woman chooses her perfect wedding gown after trying on several dresses.

We all want that perfect wedding dress moment. You want to feel as if you’re walking on air because you’ve found the dress that’s going to make you feel like a princess on your wedding day.

Well we’ve got a few ways to ensure you get that perfect wedding dress moment and tips on how to avoid common dress shopping mistakes.

Making a Wedding Dress Choice Too Fast

You may feel pressure to choose a gown right away, with the worry you’ll never find the perfect dress. Don’t settle for one you aren’t totally in love with. You will have time to find the perfect wedding gown if you start shopping early enough. Shop around at different bridal stores to try on as many dresses as you need to feel confident in your decision. You don’t want to regret your wedding dress choice for the rest of your life just because you chose to settle on one that was acceptable. You may not scream with excitement when you find “the one,” but you’ll just know it inside. Choose one that makes you feel confident and radiant. Take your time to fall in love with a wedding dress. It might be the first one you try on or the 99th, but you’ll find the perfect dress if you are persistent.

Waiting Too Long to Shop for Your Wedding Gown

Take your time deciding on your dress, but don’t wait too long. Some brides think going shopping for the dress a month before the wedding is acceptable. It isn’t. Off-the-rack wedding dresses aren’t usually tailored to your body shape, so they must be special ordered and custom tailored, and making a special wedding dress doesn’t happen overnight. Usually, a wedding dress will take around six weeks to complete. You need to leave time for extra alterations and last-minute tweaks. Some dresses aren’t finished with all the final alterations and touch-ups until a few days before the wedding. You want this dress to fit you like a glove, so you have to give everyone else time to make that piece of perfection for you to wear at your wedding ceremony.

Wedding gowns are displayed on a rack

Judging the Dress by the Hanger

You might be focused on a certain style of dress, but you shouldn’t dismiss other styles you aren’t as sure about. The dress may look strange on a hanger and gorgeous on your body. Try on different styles of gowns because you may actually surprise yourself. You probably know what type of dress makes you feel the most confident, but be open-minded and try on different cuts and styles. You may be surprised to find out you love a strapless style, when you’ve never thought of wearing one before. There are hundreds of styles of wedding dresses with all different types of embellishments. Have fun and try them all on instead of limiting yourself to just one style.

Throwing Your Wedding Gown Budget out the Window

Set your wedding dress budget and then stick to it. Don’t try on gowns you can’t afford and then fall in love with them. You’ll either leave the store with a sad face or leave the store blowing your wedding budget. You have a budget for a reason, so buying a $3,000 dress when you only budgeted $1,500 will leave you skimping on something else later.

Remember alterations and last minute fitting tweaks need to be permitted in the budget. Alterations can get pretty expensive if you need a lot done, so set aside some money just in case. Make sure you tell the wedding dress stylist about your budget when shopping, so they don’t bring your dresses that you can’t afford. Don’t worry, no matter the budget, there is a perfect dress out there just for you.

A bridal party help their friend pick a dress at a bridal store

Bringing Your Entourage to Choose a Dress

It’s fun to turn wedding dress shopping into a party, but it can get overwhelming when many opinions are involved. If you bring a whole entourage with you, expect many different opinions that could overwhelm you. Not everyone has the same style or taste. Half of your entourage may love your dress and the other half may hate it. You may look in the mirror and fall in love with a dress, but other opinions cause you to second guess your decision.

The best thing to do is bring one or two people with you who will give you an honest opinion. They probably know your style and know what you love. Explain to them the dress isn’t about what they love, but it’s all about what looks best on you. Make sure the people you bring will be honest with you and tell you if something doesn’t make you look like a princess. You want to bring friends and family whose opinions you trust, and whose opinions won’t overwhelm you.

You Have to Be Able to Move around Comfortably

Your wedding dress is something you’re not only going to wear standing at the altar, but you’re also going to wear dancing and socializing all night. You want to choose a dress that allows you to move freely while allowing a certain level of comfort. Of course, the dress won’t be as comfortable as if you were getting married in your sweatshirt and shorts, but it should allow you to walk freely and dance with your new spouse.

Choose something that fits in all the right places, but still allows you some breathing room. You need to be able to eat a bite of cake without spilling out of your dress. Practice wearing your gown around the house if you still need assurance you can comfortably wear it all day, before the big day comes.

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