Finding the Best Deals on Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses

A woman decides between two bridal gowns for her wedding

Many brides are looking for a combination of value and price when they begin wedding dress shopping. After all, there is such a wide range of how much you could pay for a wedding dress, and not all gowns are made with the same quality. One option you can choose that will save a lot of money is to wear a pre-owned wedding dress. Not only does this give a one-time-use dress another chance to shine, it’s also more environmentally sustainable to reuse a dress. At the same time, it can be fun to think about the dress as a part of another story of love and marriage. Some brides bond over having shared a dress. Typically, you can afford to get a fancier dress within your budget if you also choose a pre-owned one.

A woman looks at pre-owned wedding gowns

There are some strategic steps to finding the best deals on pre-owned wedding dresses that will help manage your expectations. With the high sticker price on new dresses comes an expectation of support from the dress store. With a pre-owned dress you’ll want to put some plans in place to make sure you are getting what you really want, and you can handle any alterations that need to be made.

Go Wedding Dress Shopping in Person

You will learn a lot during a wedding dress shopping day. You may be tempted by the endless sea of white and blush gowns, but you will also learn what size range you wear in wedding dresses, what styles look good on you, and what kind of accessories (such as a veil) you might want to factor into your budget. While it would be lovely to find the perfect dress while shopping and discover it on sale, you will probably have to shop around for the perfect deal as well as the perfect silhouette.

A bride-to-be and her mother shop for a wedding dress

If there is a large pre-owned dress store in town, try gowns on there, but keep in mind that there will be more variety available online. If you don’t find something you love in the right size, ask the shop’s owner when they will get more inventory in or if they have networks where they can find more dresses that fit your size and preferences.

Look for Important Features in Each Dress

Classified ads and used dress shopping websites can be overwhelming, so one way to make sure you aren’t inundated with options is to decide on the important features early. You know you want a size 6, empire-waist gown for under a certain amount of money. Or, you want a size 8 tulle ball gown and you know how much you are willing to pay. Once you apply these filters to your online search, you will be able to see when new postings go up and check out what they have to offer.

Another important detail to consider is whether or not the seller offers free return shipping. In some cases, the website itself ensures free returns, but verify this fact with the seller. If you are really serious about the dress, perhaps offer to split the cost of a return. If you think the dress is a long shot for you, there’s no reason to have the seller ship the dress to you only to discover it doesn’t fit after all. Use good judgment and accept that you might pay one or two shipping fees to get to the “right” dress.

Patience Is a Virtue, but so Is Being Decisive!

One of the ways that people benefit when buying a new gown is that they save time from not having to shop around at many dress stores. There are multiple copies of this exact dress, and the store or online shop can order your size in a new version. Since the perfect pre-owned dress may come along only once, it’s wise to think about a deadline for buying your dress, and a range of time you will be looking for it. When you find the right dress, you have to be ready to commit fairly quickly since it might not be there when you check back.

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Keep in mind a few options for your price range. Would you push your upper price limit a little higher for a truly life-changing designer dress? Are you trying to stay under a particular price, no matter what comes up? Since you are already getting to know the market for dresses for sale in classified ads and wedding dress sales, you should also consider whether you intend to sell your own dress after the wedding. Rarely do women mind that a dress has been in two weddings instead of than one, especially after a professional cleaning job, so it’s a good option to consider pre-owned dresses if you find yourself with a tight budget but want to choose a specific high-quality dress.

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