Seven 2019 Wedding Fashion Trends for Grooms

A groom wearing a blue jacket and a black bowtie with a yellow rose boutonniere as part of stylish 2019 wedding fashion for men.

Sure, everyone will be turning heads to see the bride when she walks down the aisle, but there’s no reason why the groom can’t also have some fun with his wedding day look! It’s no secret that the focus of weddings has long been mostly on brides—but this is changing as grooms are slowly included in more of the planning and taking ownership over their fashion and style choices for the day. In 2019, groom style is more elevated, sophisticated, and fun than ever, making it easier to personalize and style their look.

Fashion for the groom may not vary as widely as it does for brides, but in 2019 grooms are feeling more inspired to show some personality on their wedding day. Here are seven 2019 wedding trends for grooms that you’ll be seeing more of throughout the year.

1. Navy and Black Suits

We’ve spent decades worrying about clashing navy with black, but in 2019 designers are putting these colors together for a sleek look. We especially love a royal blue suit with black lapels, which creates a dashing mid-century effect that’s perfect for a wedding in a boutique hotel or even a black tie affair.

2. Showstopping Shoes

A groom tying his shoes on his wedding day.

Although we’ll always love a good wingtip, 2019 is all about defying expectations with groom looks, which includes mixing up the outfit with some incredible shoes. Even if you’re wearing a fairly conservative suit, you can still spice it up by wearing cool sneakers or dress shoes in a bold color like navy blue or magenta.

3. The Three-Piece Suit

Groomsmen and a groom at a wedding wearing three-piece suits in keeping with 2019 wedding trends.

For the last decade or so, grooms have been more or less ditching the vest and cummerbund for a more casual suit with just a tie and a pocket square. This year, however, three-piece suits are going to be back and bigger than ever. The three-piece suit (complete with tailored vest and matching single-breasted jacket) is the ultimate elegant throwback piece. A three-piece is a bit more formal than a regular suit, but the jacket can be removed and the sleeves can be pushed up during the reception for a more casual look that’s conducive to dancing.

4. Tweed

A bride wearing a lace dress and a groom in a tweed jacket laughing on their wedding day.

When you think of tweed, stuffy 1960s Ivy League professors may come to mind, but this wool fabric is going to be big in 2019. Though this style may not suit a summer wedding, you’ll see a lot of tweed suits in the early part of the year and during the late fall or early winter. A tweed suit is just the right look for anyone who has an affection for vintage fashion or who is getting married in a venue such as a library or museum.

5. Fun and Colorful Socks

Groomsmen sitting on a wall and showing off their neon colored socks in keeping with 2019 wedding trends.

Fun and colorful socks have been en vogue for the last several years, but you are sure to see more of them in 2019. Display your interests right on your socks in a colorful fashion, whether you love to read, have an affinity for Star Wars, or have an undying love for your favorite NBA team. Colorful socks are so in style right now that it might actually look a little strange if you’re not wearing them! They’re easy to find, customize, and coordinate with your groomsmen. If your wedding has two grooms, then you and your future husband can wear the same socks or choose patterns or colors that complement each other, which would look pretty adorable in photographs.

6. Bold Colors and Patterns

A stylish groom wearing a trendy 2019 plaid blue jacket on his wedding day.

In the last few years, we’ve seen a lot of grooms taking more chances with the color of their suits, ties, and shirts—wearing everything from a bold blue or paisley to houndstooth. We’ll see a lot more of this in 2019, and we are ready for it. Look for more purples, magentas, and various shades of blue (besides the traditional navy) to be more prominent.

7. Contrasting Jackets

If you’re getting married in a tropical destination, it’s long been a tradition to wear an all-white, breathable suit in a material like linen. This look is timeless and better suited to wear in warm temperatures than a traditional gray or black suit. But this year, you might see a bit of a twist to the all-white or linen look: an addition of a contrasting jacket. Whether it’s navy, gray, or a bold royal blue, a contrasting color looks great against a white suit. Once the ceremony is over, the jacket can be removed for comfort and the sleeves can be pushed up to create a more casual look.

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