The Best Bouquet Shape for Your Wedding Dress

A bride wearing a ball gown and holding a beautiful bouquet of white flowers with red berry accents.

As a bride-to-be, you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about your wedding day look. You’ve scoured the internet for the perfect makeup palette, meticulously selected your hairstyle, and tried on a hundred dresses looking for the perfect one. Similarly, you’ve probably thought quite a bit about about your floral selections, from which flowers will be in season to how you want them arranged in your bouquet. But have you ever considered how your flowers will suit your bridal look?

The right bouquet compliments a bride’s gown, adding that something extra without pulling attention from the finished look. Which bouquet style is right for your dress? Here’s a quick guide to help you decide.

Beautiful Ball Gowns

Ah, the ball gown. It’s a classic choice for those brides who truly want to be a fairy tale princess. Done right, this dress can look absolutely breathtaking—and done wrong, you can end up looking like the topper on a vanilla cupcake. The trick to a perfect ball gown look is balance. And what’s the best way to balance out a big, full gown? With an equally full bouquet.

Carrying a crescent or cascade bouquet is a great way to both balance out the full look of a ball gown and look as elegant as possible. Look for oversized flowers like roses, peonies, and stargazer lilies. Arrange them with tumbling vines and other greenery, and you’ll look beautifully extra in the best possible way!

Mermaid Matrimony

With the ball gown, the goal of the bouquet is to compliment the style without making it look like too much. With a mermaid or trumpet wedding dress, you want the opposite: a bouquet that will compliment your style and emphasize the unique design and structure for your gown! There are two styles that accomplish this task better than any other: the cascade bouquet or the long-stemmed flower.

What makes these bouquets ideal for brides in mermaid or trumpet dresses? Both these bouquet options feature long lines, which will draw your guests’ eyes down to that stunning flared skirt! Which style is best? Honestly, that’s really up to you. If you want a big, lush bouquet that adds drama to your look, go for the cascade style. If you’d rather keep it simple and emphasize your dress on it’s own, carry one long-stemmed flower like a protea or calla lily.

Elegant A-Lines

A groom and bride holding up her veil in an urban setting.

A-line wedding dresses have been a popular choice for years, and it’s certainly not hard to see why. The long, clean lines of this classic style look beautiful on every body type, and the flow and movement of the dress is feminine and delicate.

If you’re wearing an a-line dress on your big day, you’ll want a bouquet that’s equally timeless. A simple, perfectly round style will add to the classic nature of your look and balance out the long lines of the dress. The finished look will be absolutely lovely—just like you!

Chic Sheaths

A bride wearing a sheath dress and holding a bouquet of red and peach flowers with wild greenery.

Sheath dresses are the wild-child cousin to the a-line style. While the a-line tends to be structured, flaring out at the waist to create a classic silhouette, the sheath dress typically lies flat against the body, emphasizing a woman’s curves in a classy, yet sexy, way.

Because a sheath wedding gown has less structure to it, you can get away with carrying a more “untamed” type of bouquet. Try an arrangement with big blossoms in vivid colors, trailing vines, anything else that catches your eye. The more your bouquet looks like something you plucked from a wildflower field, the better it will be!

Modern Minis

Some brides opt for a wedding day look that’s a little less “princess” and a little more “playful.” Tea length gowns and mini dresses are popular choices for casual weddings (particularly in the summer), and they require a bouquet style that’s simple, delicate, and subdued.

If you’re going to wear a shorter wedding dress, consider carrying a smaller bouquet, like a hand-tied or nosegay style. These mini arrangements with really suit your silhouette, creating a finished look that’s sweet and feminine, yet playful and modern. And if you feel like that little arrangement isn’t enough, don’t worry: the simplicity of the bouquet leaves lots of room for optional accessorizing such as long trailing ribbons.

Playful Pantsuits

As I’ve mentioned in the past, not every bride wants to say “I do” in a traditional dress—or even in any dress! Some brides feel their most beautiful in a bridal look with pants, and you’ll be happy to know that there’s a stunning bouquet option for these beauties, too.

When you’re wearing a jumpsuit or pantsuit on your big day, you’re already going against the grain, so it’s time to lean into it! The name of your bouquet game is “structure;” crescents, cascades, or even something totally sculptural and out of the blue is perfect for this kind of bride. Many tropical flowers (like birds of paradise) lend themselves to this style, and they add some gorgeous color to your overall look!

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