What Wedding Dress Material Matches Your Personality?

Various wedding gowns made from different materials are displayed at a bridal store

The process of choosing a wedding dress is now so customizable that the number of options can be overwhelming. When you are considering the choices available to you, one way to narrow down the options is to look at the different fabrics and materials available, and select which one represents your style. While no fabric is exclusively for a particular personality type, it’s fun to think about how each fabric conveys elements of a bride’s taste and personality.

A bride touches a wedding gown with embellished pink flowers

Are You the One Who Is Always Poised and Elegant, Floating from Room to Room?

Try chiffon. Of the sheer fabrics, chiffon is one of the lightest and most airy options. It puffs along beautifully when you dance or walk, but also floats just slightly when you are moving. At the same time, it has the heft necessary for a nice drape. When you are standing still, you’ll still look incredibly refined and cloud-like in your photographs. If you want a different fashionable look, rather than the ball gown, a single layer of chiffon can soften the look of an otherwise slinky gown, adding a halo effect to your look.

Are You Mature at Heart, a Bit down-to-Earth, and an Old Soul?

Try lace. Lace comes in so many varieties. There is a traditional quality to it, a nice combination of strength and delicateness. It is common to find lace in an illusion neckline or as edging and detailing on a gown. A full lace dress can be incredibly beautiful when overlayed over a fabric with a slightly different shade of white or blush. Many vintage gowns have substantial lace elements. This is a great option if you want your dress to be a throwback to weddings gone by and a testament to the beauty and intricacy of well-made gowns.

A sample of lace material for a wedding dress

Are You the Trickster, the Prankster, or the Best Person to Spend an Evening With?

Try tulle. Tulle is the bouncy, stiff netting that ballerinas use to make their tutus. Using tulle in a ball gown will give your dress the flounce and volume that characterizes every “princess” dress in the movies. This fabric is so playful and fun that you can do a lot with it. It can be the underlayer for any number of other outer fabrics, and it gives fullness that makes your dress stand out from typical formal wear. Dancing at a wedding is never more fun than when full skirts swish and sway, and you’ll enjoy every moment of it!

Tulle material used in a skirt for a wedding gown

Are You the Serious and Caring Type, the One Who Watches out for Friends and Family?

Try satin. Satin is strong, durable, and smooth, giving it that luxurious look and feel when you touch it. By choosing a satin dress, you get options like ruching or draping, making it quite versatile. Technically, satin can be made from a lot of different fibers, so look for one that gives you the qualities you want. Check to see how easily that particular satin wrinkles, whether it is breathable for summer or warm enough for winter. The versatility of satin will help you put your best foot forward. Being dressed in a practical and beautiful satin gown will help you throw the best party for those you love.

Satin to be used in a wedding dress design

Are You the Life of the Party and Always the One to Make an Entrance and Stand Out?

Try sequins and beading. Sequins are as diverse as the women wearing them. You can be sure to throw a glittery light show across the wall when you enter the room. Beading can make a dress made of a simple material into a true work of art. They can draw attention to the hem, waistline, or neckline of your dress, depending on what you most want to accentuate. Certainly dresses with sequins and beading don’t have to be loud, but if you definitely want to be the sparkling jewel at your wedding, they are the best way to bring the brightness to your wedding.

Most classic wedding dresses use elements of different fabrics and materials. Look at the dresses of your favorite fashion icons and personal role models as a method to narrow down your choices. Figure out what you like about them. Whether you aim for the practical or the most delicate fabric possible, ask people at your bridal shop about the way to care for your gown to keep it in mint condition.

You can have your lace edging while floating around in your tulle ball gown to represent both parts of your personality. As you look for the “perfect dress” moment, considering a few materials you hadn’t heard of before to push you to experiment and choose a dress you’ve never noticed on the rack. A beautiful, memorable gown that you care about, regardless of material, is the perfect match for your personality.

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