11 Summer Bridesmaid Dress Trends

Four bridesmiads dressed in neutral, trendy dresses for weddings in summer 2019.

As a bride, the choice of what dresses your bridesmaids will wear goes beyond the color. You need to decide what style they’ll wear, if everyone will even wear the same style, what length they’ll be, and what general aesthetic you’re going for in the look of your bridal party. For a summer wedding, there are a range of bridesmaid dress trends to consider. Learn more about what’s hot for summer 2019 bridesmaid apparel here!

1. White Dresses

They say you can’t wear white before Memorial Day (unless you’re a bride!). Since most summer weddings take place post-Memorial Day, it’s perfectly acceptable for your bridesmaids to sport this color, too. While at one time this may have been considered taboo, more and more brides are letting their lady tribe wear white dresses to go with a neutral wedding palette. Doing so really lets the natural colors of summer speak for themselves, from the green grass and bright flowers to the blue sky.

2. Two-Piece Dresses

A bride and two bridesmaids looking at her bouquet as they wear trendy two-piece dresses.

What better time of year to give your bridesmaids the flexibility and breathability of a two-piece dress than summer?! If you’re looking for something a little edgier, you may opt for a mix and match set that includes crepe, cotton, lace, or even tulle pieces. These pieces can show a bit of skin in the midriff area and are definitely a hit with the younger crowd when it comes to a bridal party demographic.

3. Halter Dresses

Dresses with a halter neck have been gaining popularity as of late, and they’re perfect to compliment a summer wedding. Available in many different materials, colors, and patterns, these versatile dresses are easy to wear, especially in the warm weather that accompanies the summer months.

4. Tea Length Dresses

Four bridesmaids surrounding the bride and wearing tea length skirts with silver tops.

Another bridesmaid trend that allows for more breathability for your gals in the heat of summer are tea length dresses. A tea length strikes the balance between not quite opting for a cocktail length dress, but not going for the full-on gown. This is great for an afternoon or early evening wedding.

5. Navy Dresses

While navy is certainly a versatile color, it’s a summer bridesmaid dress trend that fits well with the season. Navy bridesmaid dresses in any style and length can beautifully compliment the landscape of the summer, whether that means pairing it with lush green trees, blossoming flowers, or a picturesque beach. This color looks stellar with virtually any palette and has a nautical theme to it, too, making it an all systems go trend for summer weddings.

6. Floral Patterned Dresses

A bride standing next to her bridesmaid who's dressed in a floral patterned dress, which is a wedding trend for summer 2019.

Dresses with floral patterns are another trend we’re seeing pop up more and more on the bridesmaid scene for 2019. These prints are born to be boasted during the summer time, perfectly pairing with the real-life blooms that abound in nature as well as in your wedding design. Floral patterned gowns in a flowy maxi dress are a great choice for bridesmaids in a summer wedding.

7. High Slits

If you want your bridesmaids to wear long, elegant gowns, you may want to incorporate the trend of high slits into the look. This adds some edge to your bridal party style and will help your bridesmaids feel comfortable, particularly in the summer heat.

8. One-Shouldered Dresses

Just as this is a trend in current everyday apparel, one-shouldered dresses are all the rage in bridesmaid apparel this year. This is a fantastic look for summer that flatters the figure of anyone and can be worn in any length, color, or material.

9. Coral Dresses

Three bridesmaids wearing coral-colored dresses and flower crowns with the bride.

Another popular color for bridesmaids dresses in 2019 is coral. This is a great hue for summer weddings as it’s a bright pop of color that pairs well with an outdoor setting. Consider it if you’re looking to make your wedding everything that summer should be: cheerful, bright, and exciting.

10. Tiered Dresses

Perfect for a daytime summer wedding, tiered dresses are all the rage when it comes to bridesmaid style. This trend boasts a unique look and is available in many materials and lengths. In a pastel or bright color, this is a trend meant for summer weddings in particular!

11. Flutter Sleeved Dresses

There’s something about flutter sleeves that makes a dress perfect for a summer affair! They’re light, whimsical, romantic, and an up-and-coming bridesmaid dress trend.

These dress trends are all worth considering for your summer wedding and the look of your bridesmaids. They all fit perfectly with the season and will ensure your wedding is even more beautiful!

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