4 Groom Suit Trends for 2020

A groom at a wedding wearing a burgandy suit and holding a red floral bouquet.

In the world of wedding fashion, brides tend to get all of the attention. We ladies spend hours, days, sometimes even years trying to find our dream dress—and the bridal industry has countless magazines and blogs to help us make that important decision for the big day.

The groom, however, tends to go through a much simpler process: go to the nearest tuxedo rental shop, find a black suit that fits fine, schedule the pick-up, and call it a day! Sure, some grooms may love this no-fuss option, but what about those guys who want to add some pizzazz to their wedding day ensemble?

If your hubby-to-be (or you, fellas reading this) wants to make a big splash on the big day, he might want to try wearing a particularly special (and trendy) suit. Believe it or not, there are near as many unique suit options for grooms as there are gowns in a bridal boutique! Here are a few groom fashion trends you can expect to see in 2020.

Slim Is In

A tailor measuring across the chest of a man wearing a suit.

While there are some men who absolutely love a good suit (AKA the Barney Stinsons of the world), a great many guys tend to feel uncomfortable in the classic wedding day attire. This is for two main reasons: a borrowed or rented suit will never be quite as comfy as your own clothes, and most standard suits and tuxes appear quite boxy. It’s hard to feel your best when you don’t look the part!

In 2020, grooms can avoid the struggle of the boxy suit by opting instead for a slim fit style. This suit features a more narrow cut that uses less fabric than the standard style, removing the excess bulk for a more flattering look.

And for the record, everyone can wear slim fit suits—even the big and tall grooms! Just work with a tailor (or the associate at your rental shop) to find a suit that fits well and flatters your body.

A Colorful Look

Many grooms (and men in general, for that matter) stick to the basic suit color palette for special occasions: black, grey, navy, and maybe khaki in the summer. But in the past few years, menswear has seen a dramatic shift toward the colorful and creative. Movie stars are wearing floral print suits on the red carpet, and bright colors are seen almost as often as basic black.

All these color options mean that 2020 grooms have a lot more freedom when it comes to their wedding attire. Does your man want to stand out from the rest of his groomsmen? Give him a suit in a bold, brilliant color and he’ll certainly be the star of the show!

Of course, it is important to remember that your groom’s suit should still coordinate with your wedding color scheme. Make sure he finds a suit in a complementary hue (or even an accent color, for a little variety).

The Devil’s in the Details

A flatlay of a groom's wedidng day accesories including cufflinks and shoes.

Over the past few decades, weddings have gradually shifted from traditional affairs to a more personalized and/or casual celebrations. While there are some traditions to which many couples still subscribe, it’s become more and more common to buck tradition and do something that really reflects your personal tastes—and a groom’s fashion choices are no exception.

On a man’s wedding day, he doesn’t have to strictly adhere to the standard rules for men’s fashion. In fact, ignoring these rules can be a lot of fun! Adding unique personal details—a pair of monogrammed loafers, cufflinks in the shape of his favorite video game character, etc.—can be a great way for your future husband to show off his lovable personality.

The Second Suit

The reception look is a trend that brides have been doing for quite some time. After the ceremony, the bride slips away to put on a second (often less traditional) dress. When she arrives at the reception—bam! She’s wowed her guests again with a brand new, stunning look!

This trend is a lot of fun, as it allows brides to get all dolled up twice in one day and give their guests a big surprise. Well, guess what? Grooms want in on the action, too! There’s been a steady increase of grooms getting a second suit for their wedding receptions, and this trend is expected to continue well into 2020.

A second suit is a particularly great choice if you are planning to have a very traditional ceremony—one wear bold looks like colorful suits might be a no-no. Your groom can wear his classic black tux for the vows, and then put on something a little more “him” for dinner and dancing! This makes the wedding just a little more fun (and you get to see him looking sharp in two different outfits!).

If you’re getting married in 2020 and your man wants to zhuzh up his look, consider trying out one of these fun trends. It’s a surefire way to make sure you both look better than ever on your big day!

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