5 Pampering Activities to Share With Bridesmaids Before the Wedding

Two women laying on their backs with face masks on.

You need an opportunity to relax before the wedding, whether you and your bridesmaids get together for a bachelorette party or just take some time out a day or two before the wedding. Here are five ways you and your bridesmaids can pamper yourself pre-wedding. Not only will these activities make you feel better and more calm on the big day, but they will be a lot of fun for you and the important women in your life.

1. Face Masks

Nothing says fun like green mud smeared all over your face! The act of putting a mask on and taking silly pictures is always a good time—and don’t forget you’re improving your skin, too. There are a ton of at-home masks available on the market these days, from the old school mud you scoop out of a jar to sheet masks infused with serum. Cater your choice to your own skin issues, whether you want to calm acne or smooth and brighten your complexion. Double up on a few in one session while you chat with your friends or watch a favorite movie.

2. Tea Time

An aerial shot of friends having tea time.

A lot of metropolitan areas have a tea room or two where you can dress up to attend a “high tea” with cute sandwiches and desserts. The experience may remind you of childhood play time when you put a fancy dress on and gathered ’round your stuffed animals—but the food and tea are way better. This is a great way to get the older women in your life, such as grandmothers and aunts, involved in a pre-wedding event.

3. Float Tanks

The latest in relaxation practices are sensory deprivation tanks, also known as float tanks. The idea is that salt is dissolved in skin-temperature water to the point where people can float without effort. The dark, isolated environment allows people to relax and reach a meditative state. Not everyone loves this experience, but if you go into it with the goal of reducing stress, you often emerge relaxed with a positive outlook.

4. Massages

A young woman getting a massage with candles in the background.

Feel like you’ve been a little tense about the whole wedding planning process? A massage might be the solution to your tension! Your bridesmaids are probably busy women with a lot going on in their lives as well, so you all will benefit from some muscle-massaging comfort. Search for Groupons to make this experience as inexpensive as possible, or hire someone to come to your home to make the experience even more relaxing!

5. Pedicures

Whether you go out to the salon or just round up a bunch of nail colors at home, a pedicure night is a fun way to focus on something relaxing. Going to a salon gives the feeling of doing something a little fancy and special (especially if it’s not a part of your regular routine) and there’s nothing like being pampered by other people. However, just piling up cushions and playing “salon” at home can be equally fun with the right bridal party crowd. Helping each other feel and look good is a great personal emotional boost, and the conversations that happen while your toenails are drying are the real reason why a pedicure with friends is so nice.

All these options allow you time to catch up and bond with your closest family and friends while relaxing and having fun. Don’t underestimate the value of this time; it can be difficult to prioritize time with friends in newlywed life, so enjoy it while you can!

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