7 Stylish Gifts for Your Groomsmen (That They Can Also Wear at the Wedding!)

groom with groomsmen dressed for wedding

Choosing gifts for your groomsmen can be a lot of fun. At the same time, it can be pretty stressful. It’s not uncommon to struggle while searching for the best gifts and trying to stick within your wedding budget. It can be done though. The secret lies within choosing items that can do double duty. This is especially useful if you are already shelling out the cash for their accessories to wear during the wedding.

With the right mindset, those very accessories can work as their “thank you” gifts. It comes down to placing more focus on choosing specialized pieces. As a result, you’ll also do yourself the favor of crossing out two things off your to-do list at once. Plus, you’ll feel great knowing that your groomsmen will use the gifts well after your wedding.

1. Cufflinks

custom cufflinks for groomsmen

Cufflinks are some of the most useful accessories out there. They are used as a decorative jewelry piece for suits. Simultaneously, they keep sleeve cuffs in place. This results is a sharp and polished look for events such as your wedding. Cufflinks are often made of metal and can be embellished with an array of materials. This leaves ample opportunity for thoughtful customization.

A set of cufflinks can be spruced up with materials such as shell, glass, stone, or wood. You can even get a customized needlepoint to decorate the cufflinks. This allows you to choose something that works with the vibe of your wedding theme. You might even be able to find handmade versions on the web. If you’re the crafty type, cufflink blanks can also be purchased. Additionally, cufflinks are available in the form of silk knots. These are also available in a variety of colors, letting you choose a shade that coordinates with your big day.

2. Personalized Ties

personalized groomsmen ties

It’s likely that every groomsman will need to wear a tie at your wedding. If so, consider making this accessory double as a meaningful gift. To apply this idea, consider having the ties professionally embroidered with each man’s initials. Alternatively, you can add monograms or logos instead of initials. It all depends on your style, your taste, and theme of the wedding. This concept works well with bow ties too.

3. Sunglasses

groom and groomsman with silly sunglasses

It might seem like a casual accessory, but sunglasses are beginning to make an appearance at more and more weddings. They can serve as edgy props for the wedding day photoshoots. At the same time, sunglasses will come in handy for weddings that will be taking place in the sun. This idea, however, will seem more appealing to couples who aren’t as concerned with the formalities of the day. To make the sunglasses worthy of a groomsman gift, consider investing in a decent brand.

4. Socks

groomsmen with custom socks

One of the most popular wearable gifts that are given to groomsman are colorful and fun socks. After all, nothing beats a good pair of socks. Extra points for when they serve as a memory of an awesome day. Often, the pair of socks chosen for each person is determined by their interests or personality. This is a great way to take into consideration each groomsman’s unique style.

For example, a couple that loves sports may gift socks featuring the logo of each man’s favorite football team. A couple that loves food might turn to quirky food-printed socks. Regardless of the theme, vibrant socks will serve each man well on the day of. Don’t forget to show them off for some amusing photo opportunities too.

5. Pocket Squares

groomsman with pocket square

Pocket squares might be nothing more than pieces of fabric, but they can do wonders for a suit. Simply adding them to an outfit can completely transform the overall vibe. You can easily get a batch of pocket squares monogrammed with each groomsman’s initials. If your wedding has a more lax theme or incorporates prints, choose a different pattern for each person for even more customization.

6. Tie Bars

groomsman with tie clip

This is another simple yet classy accessory. Tie bars can be engraved with each man’s initials or last name. You can even find tie bars embellished with materials such as wood, shell, or stone. Again, choose elements that work best with your wedding theme. Wood tie bars would work especially well with rustic or woodland weddings, like metal would mesh perfectly with city celebrations.

7. Lapel Pins

flower lapel pin

For a trendier take on groomsmen gifts, buy a set of hip pins. These sturdy brooches can be found absolutely everywhere these days. They’re inexpensive, attractive, and can be used to embellish the lapel of a suit. Like sunglasses, however, this idea is more appropriate for couples who prefer a more casual take on their wedding days.

The best part is that you can find them in an endless variety of designs. For example, a couple hosting a rock n’ roll themed wedding can gift guitar-shaped pins. Couples who love to hike can find pins in the shape of mountains, bears, or cabins. You can also get customized enamel pins made just for the big day. Finally, there’s the option of gifting each man a different pin depending on his interests.

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