8 Accessory Mistakes Your Groom Should Avoid

A flat lay view of men's dress shoes next to a bow tie, sunglasses, belt, and watch.

Most people usually think about what the bride will be wearing on her wedding day, but there’s another important person’s outfit to consider: the groom’s! Any groom will want to look dapper and sharp as he exchanges his vows, and the bride can assist her man in getting his look together for the big day. In doing so, be sure to look out for these common accessory snafus that you want to help your groom avoid.

1. Wearing Uncomfortable Shoes

The first mistake that many grooms fall victim to is wearing uncomfortable, low quality shoes on the big day. This will result in sore, tired feet and a less enjoyable day overall. Help him find nice looking shoes that aren’t made from cheap materials. Also, have your groom break in his shoes by wearing them around the house several times prior to the wedding.

2. Wearing the Wrong Color Tie

Help your groom choose his neckwear so that it matches the chosen color scheme of the wedding. It’s not uncommon for guys to choose their own tie or bow tie and have it be the completely wrong color or slightly off from matching the color scheme of the wedding. This could really affect the cohesiveness of the wedding party, so it’s an important groom accessory to pay attention to.

3. Wearing Inappropriate Socks

A groom tying his shoes and showing off polka dot socks.

Your groom may think that socks go unnoticed on the big day, but that’s not the case. Don’t let your groom wear socks that are too vibrant and distracting and also don’t let him wear socks that aren’t fancy enough for a wedding. (Unless, of course, that’s the look you’re going for.) Choose traditional dress socks in a solid color or with a minimalist design for a classic look. Have the groomsmen wear coordinating socks as well so that the look of the wedding party maintains that cohesive vibe.

4. Wearing Belts with Tuxedos

Although tuxedos typically don’t feature belt loops, some grooms still make the mistake of wearing a belt with their wedding day attire. This is unnecessary, as suspenders are the more appropriate choice with this type of dresswear. Belts and suspenders should never be worn together as suspenders are, in fact, a replacement for a belt.

5. Overwearing Sunglasses

If your wedding is outside, your groom may find himself wearing sunglasses a lot during the festivities. While this is fine, make sure that he takes them off for the majority of your photos as you won’t want him in shades for these special moments.

6. Clashing Accessories

A groom crossing his arms and wearing a watch with a white floral boutonniere.

A wedding is obviously a special occasion and many times, grooms aren’t used to dressing up to this degree and wearing so many accessories. For that reason, they may end up wearing accessories that clash with too many patterns and colors. Another issue is that a groom may accidentally over-accessorize, wearing too many items at once. From pocket squares to lapel pins to bow ties to socks, ensure your groom isn’t wearing too many accessories or those that don’t complement each other well.

7. Mixing Metals

From cufflinks to tie bars, grooms should stick to one metal for these accessories rather than mixing and matching. This contributes to one cohesive and stylish look for your future spouse—but it’s a detail that can be commonly missed by accident.

8. Vests and Cummerbunds that Are too Match-y

While it’s important to keep a cohesive look between the groom and his groomsmen, having the men wear vests and cummerbunds that are too matched to the bridesmaids’ attire can look overwhelming. Instead, opt for complementary colors in one palette that go together to create one unified and subtle look.

It’s always fun to help accessorize your groom for the big day, but help him avoid these fashion faux pas so that he looks his best when he walks down the aisle.

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