8 Wedding Day Accessories for a Stylish Groom

They say that all eyes are going to be on the bride, but that doesn’t mean the groom can’t step up his fashion game on the wedding day. Long gone are the days when a groom’s only style options were a penguin tux and a basic black tie. Today there are so many more options and accessories that can customize a groom’s wedding day look—a far cry from the boring and predictable suits and tuxes of the past. Here are seven fashion accessories for the most stylish groom.

1. A Bold Tie

You can’t go wrong with a classic black tie, but with so many colorful and bold options available today, why would you go with something basic? Whatever kind of wedding you’re having—destination, city hall, a glamorous ballroom—you’re sure to find a necktie or bow tie that suits the occasion. Colors that we’re loving right now are gold, eggplant, dusty rose, mint, and slate blue.

Have two grooms? There’s no rule that says the two of you to have the same color tie! Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns, colors, and styles to create a truly eclectic look for pictures.

2. A Watch

A groom wearing a blue suit, watch, and boutonnierre.

Sure, your iPhone will tell you what time it is, but it won’t make a fashion statement. Watches are back and bigger than ever now, and are a great way to show some serious style on your wedding day. Whether you fancy a metallic or leather band, or you like your timepiece larger than life or prefer a smaller vintage face, a watch is a classic accessory that will always look sophisticated on a groom.

3. Correlating Pocket Squares

A pocket square used to just be a sad little white handkerchief sticking out of a groom’s front pocket. The modern groom, however, can use this prime real estate as an opportunity to enhance his wedding look. A good rule of thumb for picking out a pocket square? Use the color wheel—yes, that same one you used in eighth grade art class. To ensure your pocket square doesn’t clash with your tie, use either a complimentary color (or the colors directly opposite of your tie color on the wheel), a triadic color (colors on the wheel that form an equilateral triangle) or an analogous color (colors that are next to each other on the color wheel). If you’re ever in doubt, ask your future spouse or a trusted friend what they think of your color and pattern mixing.

4. Shoes with a Wow Factor

A groom tying his black and white shoes on his wedding.

Grooms are no longer relegated to the boring old black dress shoes that were once expected on the wedding day. In fact, shoes are one of the biggest places for a groom to customize his look. Mix up the color a bit with oxblood or brown shoes—or if you’re really bold, try some velvet slip-ons in a maroon or deep navy.

Feeling more casual? High-top Converse are also a popular choice for a more casual wedding day. Plus, they’ll be sure to help you feel comfortable from the moment you walk down the aisle to the last dance.

5. Patterned Socks

Socks are having a real moment in men’s fashion right now. You may not be showing off your socks in your suit, but they can show a bit of personality when you’re sitting down. Whether you want to wear socks that have surfing sharks, monkeys with typewriters, or a colorful pattern, you’re sure to find something whimsical that fits your personality.

6. A Timeless Tie Bar

A groom at a wedding wearing a tie bar and a pink tie.

Even if you’re not getting married outside, a tie bar is a classic men’s accessory that has made a pretty big comeback in the last few years. The purpose of a tie bar is to make sure that the tie doesn’t swing loosely and get crooked as you wear it throughout the day, but we also think it looks pretty spectacular.

7. Stylish Sunglasses

If you’re having a destination wedding or getting married during the summer, a stylish pair of sunnies is a must-have for the discerning groom. Not only will you protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, but you’ll also create an impossibly cool look in your photographs.

8. Cuff Links

Cuff links are one of the most elegant groom accessories, and although they’re small, this is one accessory you don’t want to overlook. Cuff links come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and are a small way to be a bit flashy on your wedding day. Many grooms pick out customized cuff links specifically for their wedding day, which can later be worn on future celebratory occasions like an anniversary.

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