Affordable Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

Bridesmaids wearing neural-colored dresses and holding small bouquets of white flowers and greenery.

A recent trend in weddings and the planning process has been more elaborate bridesmaid “proposals” than we’ve seen in years past. While some brides are going above and beyond in creating luxurious bridesmaid proposal boxes full of goodies for their gals, this trend can get pretty pricey. On top of all of the other costs associated with wedding planning, this may be something you’re not willing to spend on. This is totally understandable, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still do something fun and creative to make them feel special. Here are some inexpensive but cute bridesmaid proposal ideas that will make the moment special.

Delicious Chocolate

For bridesmaids who have a big sweet tooth, treat them to something delicious in the form of chocolate for your proposal. Use a template for a printable chocolate wrapper that features the question of “Bridesmaid?” on it as an inexpensive treat for your best gals.

Hair Ties

What better way to ask your friends to stand with you as you tie the knot than with a set of hair ties? This play on words is not only cute and clever, but it gives your gals something they’ll actually use at a low price point for you. You can get a bunch of cute hair ties off a site like Amazon and then print off cards that say “Will you help me tie the knot?” to wrap the hair ties around.

Bridesmaid Bath Bombs

A woman's hands holding a pink bath bomb.

Allow your bridesmaids to truly relax as they prepare for your wedding day by giving them a bath bomb as a way of asking them to stand by your side. Either order a bath bomb that is branded with the word “Bridesmaid?” on it or buy a regular bath bomb and attach a card asking them to be in your wedding. These are inexpensive, yet a fun way to ask your gals the big question.

Personalized Sunglasses

Especially if you’ll be getting married in a tropical location, personalized sunglasses with your bridesmaid’s name on the arms make a fun gift. Pair these with a card or tag that asks them to stand by your side in the sun as you exchange vows. These will also be something cute for them all to wear on the big day, which is a bonus.

Custom Crossword Puzzle

To give your bridesmaids an activity to do for them to get the desired message, a custom crossword puzzle is a fun and clever way to propose to them. You can print these yourselves by using a template found online, making this a super affordable yet fun option.

Handwritten Card

A woman holding a white envelope with a seal.

A nice handwritten card that details how special your relationship is with each bridesmaid and asks them to stand by your side simply can’t be beat. While this proposal idea doesn’t take much financial commitment, it is something that will undoubtedly mean so much to each recipient. There’s no better way to ask someone to be a part of a monumental event in your life than to tell them how much they mean to you in your own words.

Mini Pinatas

Everyone loves a little pinata filled with confetti or candy, and you can buy personalized champagne bottle-shaped pinatas on sites like Etsy to give your bridesmaids. Present your friends with these as you pop the question and it’ll be a memento they’ll always remember.

Mini Champagne Bottles

A champagne bottle exploding glitter against a pink background.

Mini champagne bottles are always a welcome surprise, and you can personalize these to your bridesmaid proposal by printing your own labels for them. There are many templates to be found for these from sites like Etsy, or if you’re really creative you can design your own from scratch. This allows for a built-in toast after you ask your bridesmaids to stand by your side.

There are so many special ways to propose to your bridesmaids without cutting into your overall wedding budget!

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