Bridesmaids Dresses that Suit Every Body Type

A woman trying on a red dress

One of the best parts of getting married (besides getting married to the love of your life, obviously) is celebrating with your bridal party. From the dress fitting to the bachelorette party, you get to live it up with your favorite girls—can you say “yes please”? But if your squad features a wide range of sizes and shapes, finding the right bridesmaid’s dress can be challenging.

Of course, you can solve this problem with the tried and true method: different dress styles in matching colors. But what if you really want that uniform aesthetic in your bridal party? Don’t sweat it: we’ve got a few fashion tips that will help all your girls look great, no matter their size. After all, your friends deserve to look totally stunning on your special day, too!

A woman outside wearing an A line dress

Try an A-Line Dress

Fashion trends are constantly changing, but the A-line silhouette is a look that endures. And there’s a reason for it—every body type can rock this look! These dresses feature a fitted waist and a skirt that gradually flares out like a capital “A” (get it?), which makes it a flattering look for petite and plus-size girls alike.

If you opt for A-line bridesmaid dresses, it is still important to keep and eye out for dresses that will make your girls look their best. Try to avoid unflattering fabrics (satin, for example, can highlight problem areas) and consider having the dresses tailored. This will ensure the dress flatters each girl as best it can. For example, apple-shaped girls will benefit from an A-line dress with a higher waist, which is an easy fix with the right tailor.

Look Magical in Maxi Dresses

Let’s say you have a bridal party with wildly different body types—one is tiny and petite, one is tall and stocky, one is eight months pregnant, you get the idea. Finding a dress that will flatter all these ladies is simply impossible, right? Wrong. There’s one dress style that can accommodate any girl and look as ethereal and elegant as it is comfortable: the maxi dress.

A maxi dress with an empire waist can be at home at a formal reception or a hippie-chic backyard wedding, depending on the fabric and the pattern or color you choose. If you want to go this route, just make sure everyone gets dresses in the correct size; if the dress she’s wearing is too big, a girl can go from chic to sloppy in a heartbeat.

A brides standing on stairs with her bridesmaids in different types of pink dresses

Try A High-Low Hemline

You’ve probably got a few of these dresses in your closet right now (and let’s be honest: you probably look awesome in them). The high-low hemline is a fun twist on your typical floor-length dress, as it lets you show off your legs in a classy, yet flirty way. Come to think of it, “classy, yet flirty” is the ideal wedding vibe for a bridesmaid, which makes these dresses a surefire hit!

However, a high-low hemline only maintains its classy feel if the “high” isn’t too high. Aim for a knee-length hemline. This is a length that suits everyone, as it tends to hit the smallest part of the legs, making them look longer. And because everyone will see your bridesmaids’ feet, don’t forget to find some cute shoes to complete the bridal party look!

Go Modern with Separates

Sometimes, the easiest way to find something that flatters everyone is to break the look into sections. Maybe you can’t find a dress that every girl loves, but you can find a top and skirt combo that suits every style! Separates will give your bridal party a modern, edgy vibe—and best of all, you can mix and match sizes to find the ideal fit for everyone!

You can also get creative when you go with separates. Do you want to mix prints? Maybe try two different textures (a lacey top and tulle skirt, for example)? Go for it and get crazy! Play with different looks until you find the one you love. If it looks great and fits well, you can believe that your bridesmaids will feel fabulous as they walk down the aisle.

When your best friends love the way they look, they’ll have more fun on your wedding day, and that will make your big day even more special. So when you start your search for the right bridesmaids’ dresses, take some time to consider the body types of the girls in your bridal party. And whatever else you do, make sure you include their opinions, too!

Ask each girl about the dress styles that make them feel the fiercest, the most beautiful, and even the most comfortable (after all, they’re the one who will be wearing it!). This will give you a little guidance, narrowing down your selection to the choices your girls will love.

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