Great Styles for Bridesmaids in 2018

  • Bride and Bridesmaids in matching dresses

    There are so many different options for bridesmaids dresses nowadays. At this point, you can make each member of your wedding party look as unique as they are, or go with a more classic look or silhouette. No choice is wrong—it just depends on what your preference is! Here are some ideas for different styles for your bridesmaids this year.

  • Bridesmaids in Different Dress Styles but matching colors

    Same Brand & Color, Different Styles

    A very popular choice for bridal parties right now is to have your ladies purchase dresses from the same brand and in the exact same color, but in whatever silhouette or style they feel suits them best. This is a great option because it ensures each woman will feel as comfortable as possible, while still affording you as the bride a fair amount of choice in the matter.

  • Bridesmaids Dressing Pastel Colors

    Same Style, Different Colors

    A similar—but clearly opposite—choice would be for the bride to choose one style that she likes best, but then have her bridesmaids all wear that dress in different colors. I’ve seen this done a few times before with a rainbow theme, with each bridesmaid representing a different color of the rainbow. This is a super fun option for brides who want their bridal party to look generally uniform, but for each member to have a unique take on the look.

  • Pink Hue Bridesmaids

    Different Styles and Colors, but One Color Palette

    Another option for adding some uniqueness to your bridesmaid dress choices would be to give some freedom in both the style and color of the dresses, but sticking to one single color palette for everyone. This could be one particular color (blue, purple, green, or whatever strikes your fancy) or a more encompassing option such as pastels, brights, or jewel tones. This option is a unique hybrid of the other two options above and can create really gorgeous images while still keeping the individuality of your bridesmaids front and center.

  • Bridesmaids in Matching Green Dresses

    Identical Dresses

    It wouldn’t be an article about bridesmaid dresses without mentioning the traditional option of putting all of your bridesmaids in identical dresses. Although the varied look is very in fashion at the moment, it can’t be denied that matching bridesmaid dresses will always be a classic, timeless look. It’s also a great way to have your photos (and the women in them!) feel and look uniform, which makes the selection process for your ladies as easy as ordering their size and getting it tailored—no tricky choices involved!

  • Bridesmaids Dressed in Traditional Indian Saris

    Completely Different Dresses/Bridesmaids Pick Their Own

    The super relaxed bride might even decide to let her bridesmaids just choose their own dresses for the event, with little-to-no parameters involved. This option will truly let your ladies’ personalities shine through in a very real way, and can be a great option if you’re hoping to have a wedding vibe that’s relaxed, genuine, and as unique as can be!

  • Matching Bridesmaids with Maid of Honor in Different Color

    Bridesmaids One Color, Maid of Honor Another

    For brides who really want to make sure their maid of honor really shines, having them wear a totally different color from the rest of the bridal party can really achieve that in a super cool way! The color difference can be drastic (like the photo above) or as subtle as putting the maid of honor in a slightly different tone than the other women. This is a nice way to highlight a super important woman in your life and add something special to the aesthetic of your bridal party.

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