How to Attend all Your Summer Weddings and Still Keep Your Cool

A bride on the beach at her summer wedding with two guests.

You know it’s about to be wedding season when all your free time is spent scouring the internet for cheap flights to your friends’ weddings this summer. But besides worrying about the cost of flights, you might also be wondering how you’re going to survive an outdoor summer wedding in Austin, Texas without looking like you just took a dip in the nearby lake.

Outdoor weddings have become increasingly popular with brides and grooms who are ditching the traditional wedding spaces like places of worship or event halls in favor of being out in nature and creating a ceremony more tailored to their individual style. The only problem with outdoor weddings, however, is the unpredictability of the weather—and having your guests prepare for super windy days or scorching afternoons. Headed to an outdoor wedding this summer and trying to prep for dealing with the weather? Here are our best tips for keeping your cool no matter how blazing the temps.

Wear Your Hair Up

You may have had your heart set on letting your tresses down in a mermaid-like wave, but when you’re attending an outdoor wedding in the middle of summer, it’s best to get all of that hair off your neck. Try a sleek chignon or don a pretty, loose braid that will take the heat off your shoulders.

Stash Some Coconut Wipes in Your Purse

If you’re more prone to sweating than others, you may want to keep a handy stash of some coconut cleansing wipes that you can use to clandestinely swipe some sweat off during the prayer. The coconut will keep you feeling refreshed and cool until you can head to the bathroom to splash some cool water on your neck or head to the bar and down an icy cold cocktail.

Opt for a Lighter Fabric

Guests sitting around a table at a summer wedding.

One of the best ways to stay cool at a summer wedding is to wear a breathable fabric that won’t stifle your skin. Some of the top choices for cooler fabrics are cotton, chambray (for more casual weddings), rayon, linen, and cotton blends.

As far as colors go, you might be surprised to learn that darker colors can often keep you cooler than lighter ones, especially if there is decent wind speed on the day of the wedding. A big bonus is that if you happen to sweat in your wedding clothes, it’ll be much less noticeable on darker fabrics.

Bring a Bottle of Water

When the temperatures are truly blazing, it’s always a good idea to keep hydrated. It’s likely that the couple has prepared bottles of water as a refreshing drink before or even during the ceremony to keep their guests comfortable but just in case, grab a cool bottle of water to put underneath your chair to sip on during the ceremony and keep your body temperature down as much as you can.

Sit in a Strategic Spot

The best way to keep cool at a summer wedding is to arrive as early as you can so that you can scope out the best spot to sit. If there’s one side of the aisle that gets better shade from a tree, pick those seats. Avoid sitting anywhere that’s in direct sunlight or has something that will block any potential breezes from coming through.

Bring a Fancy Fan

White fans at a summer beach wedding to keep the guests cool.

Checked the weather for the wedding day and notice it’s going to be near or at triple digit temperatures? Be prepared with a fancy fan so that you can blast yourself with some cold air while still looking wedding appropriate (and not like you’re at a football game). If you have enough advance notice of hot temperatures, you can even try to match your fan with your outfit so your wedding day look is next level.

Take Advantage of Misting Zones

Chances are if the couple is aware of the hot temperatures on their wedding day, they’re going to be prepared and include things like misting zones to keep their guests as comfortable as possible until the sun goes down. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of these opportunities so you can stay as cool as you can before and after the ceremony.

Protect Your Eyes and Your Skin

Lastly, at a summer wedding it’s important to protect your eyes and skin, so don’t forget to pack your sunnies and some sunscreen with decent SPF. You definitely don’t want to look like a lobster by the time the reception rolls around. Plus, who wants to squint the entire time while you’ve got your eyes on the happy couple?

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