How to Know if Your Wedding Suit Fits Right

A groom wearing a blue suit and holding a bouquet of flowers.

You found the perfect wedding suit, but now there’s just one question: how does it fit? Because the truth is, you can have the most dapper looking suit but if it doesn’t fit right, it will just look droopy and dull. So how do you know if your wedding suit fits right? Here’s some easy ways to tell.

Stand in the Right Position

First, you want to stand in front of the mirror wearing your suit and your dress shoes, and in a natural stance. You’re not slouching, but you’re not standing exactly upright, although your posture should be pretty straight with your arms falling at your side. It won’t feel natural, but that’s OK.

Look at the Shoulders

The shoulder of your suit should lie flat and fit the width of your shoulders to a tee. There should be no overhang, no bulging, and no hiking up toward your shoulder bone. If you’re wearing shoulder pads, they should easily match with your shoulders, too.

Check the Chest

A groom wearing a blue jacket and a boutonniere with greenery and red berries.

You want to check how the suit jacket buttons across your body. It’s important to know if the two sides can meet seamlessly without the lapels buckling up or hanging too loosely on the body. You’re looking for a snug fit, but not too tight. A good way to check is sliding your hand into your suit jacket when buttoned. If you can’t get your hand in there, it’s definitely too tight. If it fits snugly without a lot of wiggle room, then it’s perfect.

Inspect the Arms

A groom wearing a blue jacket and crossing his arms to expose a silver watch.

When it comes to jacket sleeve length, place your arms side by side. Your sleeves should fall right where your thumb bone meets your wrist, and expose only a quarter to half an inch of your shirt. The jacket sleeve shouldn’t hide the shirt entirely (that means it’s too long), and you don’t want to show off more than an inch of your shirt (that means the sleeves are too short).

What’s the Length of the Jacket?

While lengths of suit jackets have shortened as fashion tastes have changed, it’s still important to note that the jacket should fall past the waist, but the hem should only just cover the pockets of your trousers. Another tip? When standing with your arms by your sides, the hem of the jacket should fall at the middle of your hand. Any longer and it will look like you’re wearing an oversized jacket. Any shorter, and it’ll look like your jacket shrunk.

Don’t Forget the Trouser Break

What’s the trouser break? It’s that small wrinkle caused when your trouser cuff meets the top of your shoe. Typically, your trousers should only have one break, and it should be super subtle. Some modern cuts do away with the trouser break altogether and just tailor the trousers so they barely touch the top of your shoes, which is where you want your trouser break to be, anyway. The cuff of your trouser should lie on top of your shoe, but there shouldn’t be more contact than that, otherwise you risk looking like your trousers are too long for you.

Check out the Jacket Collar

The collar of your suit jacket should rest against the collar of your shirt, and your shirt collar should lightly rest against your neck. This means it shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. If there’s any visible gaps, then it’s too big. If you spot bunching beneath the collar, then it’s probably too small.

Essentially, to know whether your wedding suit fits right ask yourself if it feels like you’re wearing a suit. It should feel like a natural extension of your body. It won’t feel too big or too tight; it’ll feel just right. Whether you’re renting or buying your suit, it pays to visit an experienced tailor who can customize your suit to your body, so you can feel and look like your best on your big day.

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