How to Pull Off Mismatched Boutonnieres on Your Groomsmen

A groomsman wearing a blue suit with a white floral boutonniere.

Choosing your wedding colors can be one of the most fun parts of the planning process. While traditional wedding color schemes typically consist of one focal color and two supporting hues, modern couples are opting for a more varied array on their big day. If you happen to be one of those who enjoy a brighter scheme, you may be fretting about how to pull your colors together in a cohesive way throughout your space. On top of that, the all-important question: how will my wedding party showcase our tones?

One of the most fun—and perhaps unexpected—ways for your closest friends to carry your colors is through the art of the mismatch: bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen attire, bouquets, and even boutonnieres. Mismatching boutonnieres is an excellent way to differentiate the guys without having to go through the process of picking unique outfits for each person. If this option sounds like it might have potential for your nuptials, follow the tips below to kick-start your floral adventure!

Make it a Joint Venture

No matter your gender, it’s fun for both future spouses to get involved with wedding party wear! While there are some planning decisions with a less exciting undertone, elements that pertain to your friends—especially those that allow you both to explore your creativity—are fantastic check-list items to get done together. Of course, not all newlyweds-to-be are florally inclined, but even those with a vague interest in how flowers and colors can come together and form a riveting bouquet should be on board. Sit down with your sweetie and have a casual chat to gauge their interest!

Be Mindful of Your Scheme

A groomsman at a wedding wearing a blue jacket and a green boutonniere.

Whether or not you choose to stick with your predetermined wedding colors (“We’re doing gold linens and light blue candles, let’s find blooms for the boys that match!”) or veer away from your décor (“…gold and blue wedding colors mean the men should have anything but!”), you should get on the same page with your beloved.

Research Your In-Season Options

A woman pinning a succulent boutonniere on a man wearing a white sweater.

One of the keys to wedding planning is to do your homework to avoid disappointment. (Ever make the mistake of trying on a bridal gown you knew was out of your budget?) Before going into a meeting with your florist or stepping inside a store to browse boutonniere selections, make sure you know what flowers will be in season during the month of your big day. For example, if you have your heart set on lilies, you should know ahead of time that their peak bloom period is in mid to late summer. With the mismatch boutonniere trend, research is especially important, as you’ll likely find a wider variety of flowers to display your chosen colors. (This rule goes for all the florals you’re planning on including!)

Find Your Florist

You may already be working with a florist, or perhaps the boutonniere hunt is your first foray into selecting your wedding blossoms. Make sure you remember to discuss the personal flowers (bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and any hair accessories incorporating live florals) with your florist to get pricing on this element of your wedding as a whole.

Match Their Personalities

If you’ve decided to go outside of your wedding color scheme, or if your scheme incorporates the appropriate number of hues, why not make it a fun matching game with the men in your wedding party! Has John always struck you as a cool blue? Is it widely-known that Peter digs purple? This is a great opportunity to let your nearest and dearest shine by showcasing their personalities through their boutonnieres. Give each guy a ring (or a text) with your in-season options and ask if they have any preferences. Including your friends in a few of your wedding decisions is a small reminder of just how much they mean to you. Why not make this a collaborative effort?

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