How to Pull off Mismatched Groomsmen Looks

A bride and groom surrounded by their bridal party dressed in gray, orange, and yellow.

Who says the ladies get to have all the fun? With the mismatched bridesmaid dress look growing more popular by the moment, you may have found yourself wondering how the groomsmen in your wedding might be able to take part. Whether your group of guys already owns varying formal wear, you’re including a wide range of colors in your palette, or you’re just feeling particularly creative, have no fear; the mismatched look can TOTALLY work for your groomsmen. Follow the tips below as the “dos” of the day (besides the “I dos,” of course!)

Address Comfort Before Aesthetics

The number one rule when dealing with the bridal party is to ensure the happiness of your nearest and dearest. This will include contacting your friends individually and privately in order to ask about their budget (make the lowest number your overall groomsmen budget!) as well as what they’re physically comfortable wearing. Certain ensembles won’t suit everyone equally, so utilizing the mismatched trend is actually a great way to make sure each individual feels their personal best on your big day.

Decide on Your Vibe

Will you simply have all the groomsmen wear whatever they choose? Are you dictating a motif for their outfits? Will your wedding have a theme you can use as a guideline? Maybe you want a more vintage look for an art deco event, or a rustic feel for a barn reception. There are more suit styles available than many realize, so take thee to Pinterest to understand your options—but, of course, be realistic!

Pick a Color Palette

Groomsmen sitting on a wall with neon colored socks and brown dress shoes.

If you want to have more control over what the men wear, one of the best ways to show off your mismatched look is through the suit colors. Just like with bridesmaid dresses, selecting varying shades of a certain color—dusty blue all the way to a deep navy—or picking two to three coordinating colors—the hues of your décor, perhaps?—are two of the most popular options. Additionally, if you have a particularly fashion-forward group, you could consider giving the men a “color group” such as pastels, deep colors, or metallics, and let them get creative!

Give Everyone Time to Shop

When all the groomsmen are matching, it’s typically suggested to have everything ordered no later than 30 days before the wedding. However, if you choose to implement the mismatched trend, give your guys as much time as possible to get their outfits together. Actual timelines will vary based on where the groomsmen end up ordering from (make sure to remind them to ask about alteration times), but if you think they may have to visit a few different locations or websites, you can start the conversation with them six months prior to the wedding.

Think About the Boutonnières

A groomsman wearing a checkered jacket and a boutonniere made of greenery.

While traditionally the boutonnieres serve as a pop of color and creativity among uniform tuxes and suits, that may cease to be the case with this trend. As the groomsmen set about finding their outfits, keep these tiny bouquets in your mind. Will you want something more neutral so that the suits are the star? Do you want each flower to match the color of each suit? Would you rather nix the blooms and only include a selection of greenery? It’s a great way to cap off your guys’ aesthetic!

Let the Groom Shine

Don’t forget about the man of honor! With everyone in such different outfits, it may be difficult to have the groom stand out, but it’s definitely not impossible. If you’ve chosen a lighter palette for the groomsmen, pick out a darker outfit for the groom. If the other men are in color, consider a classic black ensemble for him. If the men are deciding on their own outfits, ensure the groom’s boutonniere differs from the pack. In the end, however, the man of the hour will stand out no matter what he wears.

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