Men’s Boutonniere Style Guide for 2018

  • Spring Boutonniere

    The tightly-tied flower choices that dress up a man’s tuxedo or suit are a perfect place to showcase your taste and flair for design. Choosing a great set of boutonnieres for groomsmen, the father of the bride, and the groom can be a great way to unify their look as well as add a touch of color to typical male outfits. At the same time, choosing a boutonniere can be daunting. Do you aim for traditional, with lush rose petals opening up with perhaps a sprig or two of baby's breath? Do you make the edge of the suit jacket a spot for expressing something about the groomsmen and groom's relationships and friendships? It all depends on what you are going for! Check out these options available in 2018, and consider which ones might work best for the men in your wedding.

  • Blue and white rose and carnation boutonniere

    Roses and Carnations Remain Popular Picks

    Prized for their light, lovely scents and their many deep colors, carnations and roses remain the most traditional of boutonniere flowers in 2018. Nothing makes an outfit look quite as stunning as a bright rose set among a little greenery. Carnations, with their papery petals, are often a slightly cheaper version of elegance, though both options are quite affordable in their most typical colors.

  • A small bundle of pink wildflowers

    A Small Bundle of Wildflowers Works Well for a Rustic Wedding

    Daisies, snapdragons, lavender, and thistle all make charming appearances in wildflower-based boutonnieres. A package of these flowers can often be very affordable, so DIYing some boutonnieres with a twine wrap is a great option and easy thing to do. Wildflowers can be paired to twists of local reeds and grasses, or table decorations of gourds and vegetables, for a general rustic theme, especially if your venue is outdoors or at a barn.

  • Rose wedding boutonniere

    Formal Events Require Cream, White, or Red

    Throwing a black or white tie event? Aim for a more traditional flower or something that comes in cream, white, or red. Those colors look especially good with all the sumptuous fabrics that tend to come out for a fancy affair. Branching out in the color wheel is an option for less casual levels of weddings, but they generally won't look as good as the classics if everyone is dressed to the nines.

  • Yellow wedding boutonniere with green accents

    Choose from the Seasonal Availability

    Each season offers options that allow your boutonnieres to reflect the local flora and add an homage to what is currently blooming. While spring is fairly easy to choose design ideas for, summer looks great with bright yellows and intense blues, since everyone is already in a "sunshine and blue skies" frame of mind. Autumn boutonnieres can incorporate typical flowers along with the colors of falling leaves: an orange chrysanthemum for example. Finally, winter weddings can benefit from slightly frosted-over faux greenery to indicate snow, or from accents like bundles of cranberries.

  • Peacock feathers boutonnieres and wedding rings

    Want to Stand Out? Pick a Feather!

    A growing trend is that of using a feather as an accent piece of a boutonniere instead of a flower. Not only does this add extra eye-catching appeal to the lapel pin, but it also means the boutonniere won't wither and can be kept as a keepsake. One of the most popular options is the peacock feather, with its rich colors and the characteristic "eye" pattern on it. A slightly fluffier white feather may add the same touch of brightness that a flower typically does, but with a whimsical edge that shows you are taking your wedding seriously but not too seriously.

  • Boutonniere with a bundle of gold golf tees

    Herbs, Paper Pinwheels, or Knots? The Sky’s the Limit!

    For people who aren't deeply connected to a flower as an accent, the options for a suit jacket accent are unlimited. People who love cooking have used tiny bundles of thyme and rosemary. For a whimsical summer wedding, paper pinwheels that spin in the breeze are an option. Even craft options, like a seashell for a beach wedding, can add a touch of personality to an otherwise typical boutonniere. Pins are available that reflect any possible family history, friendship connection, personal interest, or themed wedding, so look at the options you can find that might replace a boutonniere altogether with something else that adds to your wedding ensemble.

  • Purple Hawaiian Flowers on a Boutonniere

    Boutonnieres add class and character to men's outfits that tend to be pretty standard (even in weddings with lots of other personalized touches). The first place to start when you design your boutonniere is the inspiration for other elements of the design in the wedding. Whether you choose a traditional pale rose or an off-the-wall decorative pin for the lapel, you can dress up the look for all the men in the bridal party by adding one of these small but powerful additions.

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