Top 5 Complaints from Bridesmaids About Their Dresses

People joke about how most bridesmaid dresses are ugly because no one should look better than the bride on her wedding day…but the truth is that every bride needs her entourage around her, and they should be able to love their dresses just as much as you love yours. While many bridesmaids choose to suffer in silence, they shouldn’t have to suffer at all! To help you pick out the perfect dress for your bridesmaids, you’ll want to keep these five common complaints in mind:

It’s the Wrong Style

Everyone has style preferences. Some women look great in strapless dresses, while others find one-shoulder or off-the-shoulder dresses to be more flattering. It’s also highly unlikely that all of the bridesmaids in a party will have the same build. As a result, many women who agree to be bridesmaids complain that the style of the dress selected is all wrong. When picking your bridesmaid dresses out, keep the body types of all your girls in mind. Ideally, all of your bridesmaids will be able to try the dress on before the final decision is made. This will ensure that everyone in your party looks their best on the big day!

The Color is Atrocious

While coral is an ideal color for flowers, it doesn’t always make for the perfect dress. And because of varying skin tones, the perfect color for one bridesmaid may be absolutely terrible for another. These are important factors you will need to keep in mind as you make your dress selection. Luckily, most color schemes include at least two or three options. Make sure to carefully consider which color is best suited for a dress, as well as which color will look best on a variety of skin tones.

It’s Expensive

high-end bridesmaids' dress

Many brides get so wrapped up in their own budgets that they forget about those of their bridesmaids. While being a bride is certainly more costly than being a bridesmaid, this is certainly something you need to keep in mind. Dress prices vary drastically, and some can be quite expensive. For that reason, you’ll want to select one that works with everyone’s budget. Remember, your bridesmaids are doing you a favor by agreeing to be part of your big day, so don’t make them regret the decision by emptying out their bank accounts.

I’ll Never Wear it Again

Another common complaint that bridesmaids give is that they will never wear the dress again. So not only are they spending a large amount of money, but they’re doing it to purchase an article of clothing that they will literally only wear a single time. While traditional bridesmaid dresses are rarely appropriate for everyday wear, there are still some designs out there that can be worn to several events. Be considerate of this when picking out a dress for your girls. To help with this, take a moment to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Would I want to wear this dress again if it were for me?
  2. Where could I wear this dress in the future?
  3. Is the color appropriate for other events?

Additionally, don’t assume you have to get your bridesmaid dresses from a bridal dress company. There are plenty of other options out there. The important thing is that you and your girls love the final selection.

It’s Uncomfortable

shoes can make or break a bridesmaid's personal comfort

This last one is a factor you’ve likely kept in mind while picking out your own dress: comfort. Comfort is everything when it comes to big day-long events like weddings. While you definitely want your girls to look amazing, it’s just as important that they feel amazing, too. One very important way to do this is to keep the season in mind when selecting the dress. Are you having a winter or summer wedding? You can’t predict the exact weather conditions for the day of your wedding, but you can make some general assumptions regarding the temperature. If your wedding will take place in the middle of summer, longer dresses are probably a no-go. Likewise, avoid strapless, short dresses if you know that the ceremony is going to be in the dead of winter.

One great alternative to selecting a single dress for all of your drastically different bridesmaids is to let them choose one themselves. I know what you’re thinking — “But wait, what about my color scheme?” Not a problem. You can select a specific color from your favorite company and let your girls pick the style that best suits them based on your selection, or you can send them a color swatch and ask that they match it as closely as possible. Either option is viable and results in a matching ensemble. And don’t forget about the shoes! Not everyone does well in heels, so consider opting for a nice flat instead. Alternatively, provide a color preference for the shoes as well and let your bridesmaids find one that best matches their dress selection. If you decide to go this route, make sure you ask your girls to send you pictures of their picks before purchasing, just so you can confirm that they’ll fit in with the other things you’ve envisioned for your wedding.

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