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About Us

Imagine a real custom diamond, made from you and your loved ones DNA ... Yes, DNA ... We make a diamond full of brillant color out of you and your partners DNA (hair sample).  No two diamonds are ever alike! They are unique and custom to only you.They can be engraved and are GIA certified.

is founded on the premise that generating a colored diamond out of carbon extracted from your DNA (lock of hair) are rare, valuable, and desirable diamonds of incredible beauty. We can create your personal diamond in a laboratory environment using your extracted Carbon DNA (from a hair sample). A DNA2Diamond is not just another diamond. It is a real, GIA-certified diamond created from DNA carbon extracted from a lock of hair. The most personal diamond in the world, no two are alike.

Using hair from both the bride-to-be and groom or many loved loves combined (such as children, parents), we make your own personal diamond to commemorate your upcoming special event. Consider a unique GIA certified diamond that could be a family air loom, and handed down from generation to generation.

Remember ... A wedding marks the beginning of a new life full of cherished memories shared with a loved one you can't image being without. Such special times could be an upcoming anniversary, a new baby or even a very special pet companion. We think you'll find that DNA2Diamonds become perfect keepsakes to commemorate today's special moments, and heirlooms tomorrow.

An added value is that DNA2Diamonds are eco-friendly and involve no invasive activity that damages the environment.

Read the 7 steps to how your special diamond is created:

Step 1: The creation of your diamond begins when we receive your Signature Hair kit. You will receive a personal identification number that allows you to follow the step-by-step process.

Step 2: Using a proprietary process, we extract the carbon signature from the hair (or ashes, yes we can use ashes if your loved on has passed) you provide. This is then added to a real diamond seed, and the mixture is placed in a custom-designed incubator.

Step 3: The incubator uses a unique and complex High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) process to duplicate the earth’s natural diamond-growing conditions. Temperatures exceed 2000°C and pressure is greater than 60,000 atmospheres. This replicates, in a matter of weeks, a process that takes hundreds of thousands of years below the earth’s crust.

Step 4:
After the growth phase is completed, a genuine diamond “in the rough” results. It is chemically, physically and optically identical to a natural, earth-mined diamond. Born molecularly, with the unique DNA carbon signature from you or a loved one, your DNA2Diamond is one-of-a-kind – the most personal diamond in the world!

Step 5: Our master gem cutters cut and polish your diamond in accordance with the highest industry standards to fulfill your custom request. Your DNA2Diamond will be individually identified with a laser-engraved ID number on the girdle of the diamond. In addition, a personal message can be laser-engraved.  These laser-inscriptions do not affect the fire and luster of your diamond. They are visible only under x20 magnification.

Step 6: Your diamond is then independently authenticated, inspected, measured and graded by the Gemological Institute of America.

Step 7: Your personal diamond is placed in our luxurious gift box. Included with your diamond is the original GIA Certification, a Certificate of Authenticity and additional documentation. The package is shipped to you via certified mail. All shipments are fully insured.

New and improved technology has now made growing diamonds cost-competitive with mining them. Diamond-making machines subject a graphite-carbon core and a diamond seed at a pressure of 850,000 PSI for four days, recreating conditions similar to those 100 miles below the earth's surface. The lab-grown diamonds that come out are optically, chemically and physically identical to those that occur in nature.
-Science Daily – Feb/2007

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What kind of jewelry do you offer?

Antique Accessories, Custom Accessories, Custom Engagement Rings, Custom Wedding Bands, Handcrafted, Loose Diamonds

What is your average turnaround time for an engagement ring?

7+ weeks

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